Fix LG Smart tv Red Light Blinking 2 Times

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  • Go ahead Power reset LG smart tv by unplugging power cable and wait for 30 seconds and plug back again after 30 seconds and restart your lg smart tv.

When you turn on LG smart TV, but it won’t turn on and flashing led light 2 times, this might be a controller default. For this, try turning ON your device with your power button. When it wont turn on then replace you are remote control batteries with new one. In this article we are providing some methods to resolve the issue.

Fix LG Smart tv Red Light Blinking 2 Times

Now let’s try each possible way. if you are confident  about your remote control functionality, then check your line of sight between TV and remote control (sensor isn’t blocked). Now once again turn ON your TV with remote control. still if your TV wont power ON,  then replace batteries of your remote control and continue the process.

If you tried the above process and still you are unable to solve issue of power your device ON, then try other two alternative methods.

1) Use a remote control app to turn ON smart tv

2) Reset the controller manually

You can use the below mentioned smartphone remote control apps

1) Anymote

2) LG tv plus

3) Smartly

4) Peel smart

lg smart tv red light blinking 2 times

Method 1: Power Reset LG Smart tv

Step 1: Unplug power cable from the wall socket and disconnect them

Step 2: Wait for 30 seconds and after 30 seconds plug back power cables.

Step 3: Now, Restart your lg smart tv and your lg smart tv red light blinking 2 times will be fixed.

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Method:2 Reset LG remote controller

You can overcome this problem by following some simple steps

Step:1 First unregister the remote, press and hold the back and home button for 10 seconds. if your remote unlinked it shows a red LED flash 

Step:2 Now tap on actual power button and turn ON your tv

Step:3 Dongle comes with your remote control as an attachment when you buy your tv. Now, connect your dongle to tv USB port

Step:4 After that wait for 25 seconds

Step:5 Finally push the scroll wheel to register with your remote control

Method:3 Using Remote Control App

You can control the operation of LG smart TV by using  LG TV plus app

Step:1 firstly download LG TV plus app from your Google Play store 

Step:2 Now press home button on your remote control and choose main menu, which is available in the top right corner of the screen

Step:3 Next go to the main menu followed by network option and set LG connect app to ON. Step:4 After that connect to LG smart TV and smart devices to same Wi-Fi network 

Step:5 Next, open LG TV plus app on your smart device

Step:6 Then click on start button to scan for TVS, which you want to  connect to your smart device 

Step:7 Now search for the TV which you want to connect to your smart device followed by pin code of your on the TV screen 

Step:8 In order to pair your TV with smart TV smart device. Next enter the displayed pin code in the LG TV plus app

Step: 9  Finally, continue watching your favourite content.

The above mentioned two methods will help to solve the issue of LG smart TV red light blinking 2 times.

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