Samsung Smart TV Not Turning on red led light

Samsung Smart TV Not Turning on Light Blinking (Red)

If your Samsung smart tv is not turning on then you can fix this issue by performing a power reset,  battery reset and factory reset will fix the issue, so lets see in detail how to fix by performing above solutions or fixes to fix this issue.

How to fix Samsung smart tv not turning on:

Make sure all power chords are connected properly to the outlet and inlets, back of your Samsung smart tv, external devices, OC Box, input output connections, power cable, HDMI port etc.

All power cord cables are Connected properly:

Does your stand by LED is turned on ?

First thing first if your Samsung smart tv is turning on then check whether your stand by led is turned on you can check this by holding your smartphone under tv.

Check the video connection input cable to your TV:

Make sure all the cables are connected properly on the back your tv like, HDMI and all connectors, if possible remove all cable and insert them back properly again and also for the tv setup box and all three video input, output, etc.

Also make sure that external device is turned on and if doesn’t turned on remove the plug and insert plug again correctly and turn on external device.

Also make sure correct source is selected on the menu screen and you still face same issue of Samsung smart tv not turning on, then try another external device using HDMI cable.

If it displays correctly then issue with faulty external device HDMI.

Power reset to fix Samsung smart tv is not turned on:

Step 1: Unplug your power cable from tv

Step 2: wait for 30 seconds

Step 3: After 30 seconds, plug back power cable to tv.

Now turn on your smart tv and see if your Samsung smart tv is turned on or not, if not try the below method.

Note: Sometimes you may have to do this method by fixing by performing above step and waiting for long time like 60 seconds or more to fix this issue002E

Disconnect all cables to fix Samsung Smart tv not turning on:

Step 1: Disconnect all cables which are connected to your smart tv

Step 2: disconnect cables from back to one connect and at the back of your smart tv, make sure that there is no power.

Step 3: Turn your tv on, if your tv is connected properly then tap on your smart tv gently with your finger and see it blinks. If it blinks then your power supply is connected properly.

Step 4: On the remote control press home and power button.

Step 5: if your menu screen is displayed then either your external input device is not working properly or the connection is faulty.

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Reset Batteries of Samsung Smart tv

Step 1: Grab your remote and remote both batteries from your remote

Step 2: Once batteries are removed, press and hold power button for 20 seconds

Step 3: After 20 seconds, insert the batteries and power on Samsung smart tv.

See your smart tv is turned on or not. If you still facing issue then follow below method.

Why my Samsung tv not turning on?

Due to faulty cable connection problems and red light keeps on blinking then you need to check all cable are connected properly and see by changing cables or hdmi ports and other methods mentioned in this article will fix this issue.