How to Fix Pause updates option is grayed out windows 11


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  • Run windows troubleshooter and follow onscreen instructions and follow other methods to fix the issue.
  • Open the registry editor and delete the file in SetDefaultPauseUXAccess file in windows update folder in the registry editor.

On your windows 11 or 10 computer when you update your windows 11 computer you can pause update for 1 minutes or 5 minutes, 7 days etc according to your needs or other options available there to pause update of windows and resume the update of windows 11 computer and when you are trying to pause update on windows 11 computer and you see the pause update is greyed out and unable to click on pause update then by just following these simple methods you can fix this issue easily. So, lets see in detail below.

 how to Fix Pause updates option is grayed out windows 11

Windows users are forced to install windows 11 update to get rid of bugs and if your windows is running older version then you need to update it to latest version and you can experience windows installation update failed due to error code

VD - Disabled

Fix Pause updates option is grayed out windows 11

Below windows troubleshooting methods will help you fix pause update greyed out on windows 11 computer and update your windows and pause updates.

Using Regedit

Before performing any changes to your Registry editor it is recommended to backup your existing registry files on your windows computer.

  • Click on Windows search bar on your windows taskbar
  • Search for Regedit and Right click on it and select run as administrator and click on Yes in pop up.
  • Now, Double click on HKEY_LOACL_MACHINE and expand it.
  • Now, Expand Software -> Expand Policies
  • Scroll down and Expand Windows
  • Now, click on WindowsUpdate folder
  •  On the right side -> you will see file SetDefaultPauseUXAccess file and right click on it and Delete and click on yes and confirm deleting file.

That’s it, once you delete SetDefaultPauseUXAccess file in your registry editor then go ahead and restart your windows computer and your issue of Pause updates option is grayed out windows 11 will be resolved successfully.

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Run Windows Troubleshooter

  • Click on Start menu and Click on Gear Icon Settings
  • In windows settings -> Select Update and Security
  • Now, On left side pane -> Select Troubleshoot
  • Scroll down and click on Additional troubleshoot settings
  • Locate windows update and click on it and select Run the Troubleshooter and wait for your windows computer to detect any issues and follow onscreen instruction and fix this issue.

Most of the time by just running windows troubleshooter will help you fix windows option pause update for 7 days option greyed out issues easily.

How to Pause Windows 11 Update

To pause windows 11 update just follow these below steps.

  • Click on the windows button and select settings (gear icon).
  • Now, click on updates and security options.
  • Npw, click on Pause update for 7 days and you can also visit advanced options and change the pause period as well.

That’s it, this is how you pause windows 11 update on your computer and reschedule your windows update.

Why pause updates option is grayed out windows 11

If there is no update related value or registry editor value is not present and windows update misconfigured or windows update is not installed properly and update files have gone missing or not registered on your windows computer.

Can I pause the Windows 11 Update in progress?

Yes ! You can pause windows 11 or 10 update which is progress by going to settings -> update and security -> Click on windows update -> Click on Pause update for 7 days.


Why is my Windows Update grayed out?

If your windows update is greyed out then you need to edit gpedit and using registry editor you can fix this issue windows update greyed out and run windows troubleshooter and follow on-screen instructions.

How do I force a Windows Update to pause?

Open windows Settings -> Windows update and Security -> Windows update and click on pause windows update for 7 days

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