How to Fix Missing .dll Files in Windows 10

Some times in windows 10 computer you will be receiving errors saying missing .dll files in windows 10 problems, this error can be fixed easily by following few steps and this dll error can be fixed by running system file checker (sfc) scan, lets see in details how to fix this missing .dll files below:

How to fix missing .dll files in windows 10:

Run sfc scannow to fix missing .dll file:

Step 1: Right  click on start menu and search for cmd

Step 2: Right click on CMD and run as administrator.

Step 3: Now in cmd type: sfc /scannow and hit enter.

Step 4: Wait for a while until scan process is completed. It may take around 15-20 minutes

Step 5: Once your run sfc scan it will search fir missing dll files in windows 10 and automatically fixes those missing dll files.

That’s it this is one of the method to fix missing .dll files in windows 10, once sfc scan completes restart your computer and you are good to go. If you are still encountering same issue saying missing .dll files then follow below step.

DISM Repair to Restore health:

Step 1: Open cmd and run as administrator

Step 2: In cmd type: Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth and hit enter.

Step 3: Once you hit enter it take around 15-20 minutes to complete the process, once done, restart the computer.

Now you will not be facing any issue of missing .dll files in windows system error. If by any chance you are still facing .dll files missing error, then try below method.

Download direct x and fix missing .dll files in windows 10:

Step 1: You can also fix missing .dll files in windows 10 by downloading directx end user runtime webinstalle and run the setup file and follow on screen instructions.

Step 2: Open web browser and search for mscvr80.dll and download dll file.

Step 3: Extract the mscvr80.dll file and copy files from this folder.

Step 4: Copy mscvr80.dll files and paste in ->This PC->C Drive->windows->System 32 folder->Right click and select paste and click on continue if prompted and close windows.

Step 5: Now open command prompt and run as administrator and run sfc scan by typing sfc /scannow and hit enter.

Step 6: Once sfc scan completes exit command prompt by typing exit.

Step 7: Now again open cmd as administrator and type prompt and hit enter.

Step 8: Now type: sfc /scanfile=c:\windows\system32\ieframe.dll and hit enter.

Step 9: now type: sfc /verifyfile=c:\windows\system32\ieframe.dll and hit enter.

Step 10: Now type assoc and hit enter.

Step 11: Now type chkdsk and hit enter

Step 12: Now type exit to close the command prompt.

That’s it, now missing .dll file in windows 10 error will not show you once you perform all above steps carefully.

What are dll files in windows 10?

Dll files are dynamic link library files which helps windows 10 to perform tasks with windows operating systems, if these files gets corrupted windows 10 os will be malfunctioning and results in error

How do I find a missing DLL file?

Missing dll can be found and fixed at a time by running system file checker scan by using command sfc /scannow.

Why are DLL files missing?

Due to antivirus software or corrupted files, malware infection or installed any new software which overrides existing dll files etc.

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