How to Fix Icons Not Showing on Taskbar Windows 10 or 11


  • To fix icons not showing on taskbar -> Restart your windows explorer from windows task manager and select restart option.
  • Delete cache folder from app data -> local folder and restart your windows computer to fix icons not showing or missing from taskbar.
  • You need to enable and turn on which icons to appear on your windows taskbar in windows settings.

On your windows 10 or 11 computer if your icons are missing or icons are not showing at all or icons like wifi or battery icon or any other icons not showing in taskbar menu or pinned icons not showing on taskbar windows 10 then you can easily fix the issue on your own by just following this easy and quick methods. So, let’s see them in detail.

If your windows 10 shortcuts or desktop icons files are corrupted or battery icon or wifi icons not showing on taskbar or if you have updated windows 10 or 11 computer then you can experience this issue and you can restore taskbar icon on windows 10 or 11 and start showing taskbar icons and display them on your taskbar.

Fix Icons Not Showing on Taskbar Windows 10 or 11 Computer

Bellow methods will help you restore icons missing or icons not showing on taskbar and get the icons back.

Restart Windows Explorer

Step 1: Right click on windows 10 taskbar and select task manager.

select taskmanager

Step 2: You can also press shift + control + Esc at a time and open task manager on windows computer.

Step 3: Now, Under Process tab -> Scroll down and find windows explorer.

select windows exlporer

Step 4: Select Windows Explorer -> Click on Restart at bottom

Step 5: Now, once windows explorer restarts -> Restart your computer and your windows 10 taskbar missing icons will be displayed properly and now it will start showing icon in taskbar.

That’s it, this is how you fix icons not showing on the taskbar menu in windows 10 and get back your missing icons on your windows computer by just restarting your windows file explorer.

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Select Which Icons to Appear on taskbar

Step 1: Click on Start menu -> In search -> Type in Settings and Open settings in windows computer or Click on gear icon and open settings.

select personalization

Step 2: Click on personalization

select taskbar

Step 3: Click on taskbar on left side pane.

Step 4: Scroll down a bit and under notifications area -> click on Select Which icons to appear on taskbar.

select which icons to appear on taskbar

Step 5: Now, you can turn off and on the icons that you want to show on your windows taskbar and disable them.

Step 6: Now, if you have disabled here and turned off -> then icons will not show on your taskbar.

So, make sure you have enabled icons to show on your notifications area which will appear on your taskbar.

Delete Icon Cache Folder

Step 1: Type in file explorer in windows search and open it.

Step 2: Click on This PC on left side pane.

Step 3: Double click on your C drive (windows installed drive).

Step 4: Open users folder -> Click on your user account 

Step 5: Double click on your app data folder -> Double click on local folder.

Step 6: Find iconCache file in this local folder -> right click on it and delete the iconcache folder.

Once you delete the icon cache folder from your app data local folder, then you need to restart your windows computer and once your windows restarts your issue of windows 10 icons not showing on taskbar on windows computer will be resolve and fixed.

Windows 10 taskbar icons not showing open applications?

You need to turn off automatically hide the taskbar option in tablet mode on your windows computer. 

Step 1: Open Windows Settings -> Click on Personalization

Step 2: Select taskbar -> Turn off automatically hide taskbar in tablet mode.

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