Enable Windows Recovery Environment on windows 10

Enable Windows Recovery Environment on windows 10

Windows 10 recovery environment in windows 10 allows you to repair your un-bootable OS and more recovery options and windows recovery environment is also customizable as well and provides an ability to find different options such as booting into safe mode using USB device or windows DVD and generally this option is enable by default, in some cases you need to enable it, so lets see how to enable windows recovery environment on windows 10.

How to Enable windows recovery environment on windows 10:

WinRE is preinstalled with windows 10 operating system and it is preloaded into windows 10 desktop editions like (Home, Pro, Enterprise, and Education) and Windows Server 2016 installations, in few cases you if it gets disabled then you can easily enable it by following simple steps using command prompt.

Step 1: click on search button on windows and type in CMD

Step 2: Right click on CMD and run as administrator and allow CMD to run as administrator

Step 3:  In command prompt type: reagentc /enable and press enter.

Step 4: Once you press enter, operation successful

Step 5: Now type reagntc /info and now you can see all the information of windows recovery environment and system reset configuration and status as active.

That’s it this is all two commands you need to type on windows 10 command prompt as administrator to enable windows 10 recovery environment and after enabling it you can boot windows 10 computer and recover your drive, scan and fix errors on windows 10 and enter safe mode in bios and etc to fix problems and issues you are facing.

What does Windows Recovery Environment on windows 10 Includes

Windows recovery environment includes many tools which includes and you can always refer to this official document for further options:

1: Push button reset

2: System Image Recovery

3: Automatic repair

4: Advanced Troubleshooting

5: Boot options

6: Security considerations

7: Hard drive Partitions

8: Memory requirements

9: On disk windows recovery

10: and Many add on tools.

How do I get to Windows Recovery Environment?

You can enter in to windows recovery environment from boot menu and get into this feature.

Method 1: From your windows 10 Login screen press shift key and click on restart.

Method 2: Now select start-> Setting->Update and security->Recovery and navigate to Advanced start-up and click restart now.

Method 3: Boot your windows 10 in recovery mode.

To get in windows recovery environment you can use other tools as well like pre-built options on laptop hardware recovery button to start windows 10.

What is a Windows recovery environment?

Windows recovery environment which is WinRE enables feature to recovery of your hard drive, boot options, automatic repair, system image and lot of troubleshooting environment of windows computer.

How to Enter Windows Recovery Environment?

There are couple of methods to enter WinRE From your windows 10 Login screen press shift key and click on restart and few other explained in this article.