Block Youtube on Vizio Smart TV

How to Block Youtube on Vizio Smart TV

YouTube is one of the major streaming platform for streaming any type of content for a parent along with their kids. The people who love streaming want to limit their access from others to the site especially when parents are not around because it may lead to the misleading or unpleasant content and you can block youtube on vizio smart tv as well.

Most smart TV has the control functions or parental lock in its integrated OS by using a simple procedures and by even adjusting the settings you can block youtube on Vizio smart TV. It allows you to limit the content from minor and can activate it at different levels or block the launch of app entirely.

Block youtube on Vizio Smart TV

Vizio smart TV follows a similar process as it requires you to access the parental control in order to adjust the settings and block the apps. This process is not a complicated but may vary according to the Vizio smart TV models and you have to about which model you are using.

Step 1: Using Vizio TV remote to access the menu and press the menu button.

Step 2: After that use right arrow keys to scroll until you observe the parental control menu and then adjust settings and block the apps on your Vizio TV which you want.

Step 3: Even you can use the arrow buttons in order to find the youtube icon that will allow you to blocking app and select it.

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Step 4: After making your selections, choose the access code to update the access password. Now enter your password which you have preferred and enter it to confirm.

Step 5: Press ok and exist. Finally you have  successfully blocked youtube on your smart TV.

Step 6: Some TV models may required you to enter the password to access the restricted apps, while the others may require you to change the settings and allow access.

Before making any changes on YouTube you have to confirm the requirements of your smart TV settings.


It is very important to notice that children, young adults and teenagers are daily exposed as they watch TV and stream online programs on youtube. So, blocking of youtube is great way to stop then from watching inappropriate content.