How to Get Local Channels on Sony TV

  • To get local channels on sony bravia smart tv -> you need to have an antenna installed on your sony tv and connect it and set up antenna and get local channels.
  • You can also get local channels and watch live tv by installing apps like yupp tv and get local channels 
  • Download and install apps like locast, pluto, xumo app on sony tv from google play store and start watching local channels on sony tv.

On your sony smart tv if you want to watch local channels and watch them then you can easily get them on your sony smart tv and you need an antenna and apps to get local channels or not detecting wifi on sony smart tv and sometimes you can also experience issues like sony tv not finding channels and and you need to program local channels. So, let’s see in detail below.

Many people wonder does Sony TV has an inbuilt antenna and they can set up local channels and watch them for free or not. You can easily set up local channels on sony smart tv and watch free live tv as well and scan free local channels with remote and without using remote as well.

Get Local Channels on Sony Smart tv

Its pretty simple and you need to follow these simple steps to get local channels adn scan local channels and watch then live for free on sony smart tv.

Step 1: You need to install an antenna and grab your antenna coax cable and plug it on back of your sony smart tv.

Step 2: Plug the ac adaptor to the wall socket and give it some power.

Step 3: Now, grab your sony smart tv remote and press the home button.

Step 4: Go to settings -> channel

Step 5: Now, set signal type to antenna

Step 6: Select auto program.

Step 7: Now, wait for your sony smart tv to program local channel and this can take up to 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 8: Once sony tv scans and get local channels on sony tv all local channels will be displayed with high definition.

That’s it, this is how you get local channels on sony smart tv and program local channels and scan local channels.

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Get local channels on Smart tv With Wifi 

If you are having a wifi connection and using a android smart tv then you can get local channels as well and you need to download these apps

1) Download locast app

2) Download pluto app 

3) Download xumo app on sony smart tv to watch local channels.

How to Watch Live TV On Sony bravia?

To watch live tv on sony bravia smart tv you need to install yupp tv app on sony smart tv and sign up for yupp tv and take a premium subscription plan and login to your yupp tv and start watching live tv on sony smart tv.

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