How to Get local channels on Vizio smart TV

  • You can get local channels on Vizio Smart tv by using hdmi cable or by using coaxial cable and there are other alternative ways as well like locast and other apps.

The main advantage of using a smart TV is that you can use it to connect to the internet connection wifi on vizio smart tv. But, there is a way to stream local channels on Vizio smart TV and there are two ways to stream or get local channels on Vizio smart TV via external antenna or by downloadable apps.

Get Local Channels on Vizio Smart tv

Follow below methods to get local channels on your vizio smart tv.

Using External Antenna

In these method you need an external Antenna with coaxial cable, HDMI cable and composite cable.

Coaxial cable

In case if you are using a coaxial cable, then connect one end of antenna coaxial cable to back of your Vizio smart TV.

Step 1: After connecting, press input on your Vizio smart TV remote.

Step 2: Click input continuously until you see the option TV highlighted.

Step 3: Tap on OK on your remote in order to select the TV option.

Step 4: By using your arrow keys, you can see the highlighted option then find channels > Ok.

That’s it, this is how you get local channels on your vizio smart tv by using coaxial cable in easy way.

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HDMI Cable

Connect and attach one end of HDMI cable to back of your Vizio smart TV before connecting you have to know the HDMI port.

Step 1: Click input on your remote continuously until you see the specified HDMI port where you have connected the HDMI cable.

Step 2: Once if you see the highlighted HDMI port then click on OK.

Step 3: Then scan channels.

Step 4: To scan through the different local channels, use remote control of the satellite or cable box you have.

Alternative ways to get local channels

Make Sure that Vizio smart TV is capable of having program and app but in old smart TV of Vizio smart TV may not have the feature.

Activate Your Vizio Smart TV:

Step 1: First, you have to do is turn on your TV and make sure that you have plugged correctly to wall socket.

Step 2: Turn on using the Vizio smart TV remote control.

Navigate to Download the App

Advanced smart TVs have functionalities where you can download programs and apps like Netflix, Amazon prime and youtube etc.

Pluto Tv

You can see Pluto TV on demand videos service as well as live stream TV service for free with more than 250 live channels.


The main aim is to distribute the over air TV broadcast online you can use locast to access channels on your Vizio smart TV.


It is a free streaming service that you can watch on demand live TV content with more than 190 different channels.

Access the programs and Apps

Once you have downloaded any of them or All, you can use and access them to watch the local channels that you want to watch. For that you have to make accounts by giving your email address. So, that they can send alert message. But you may feel inconvenient for you, you can actually get free local live channels on your TV.

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