How to Delete Continue Watching on Netflix on iPhone, iPad or Android or Computer

  • To delete, continue watching on Netflix on iPhone -> Launch Netflix app -> select movie or show -> click on remove from row -> click on ok. 
  • In 2021, 2022, the delete continue watching on Netflix is same for android, iPhone, computer laptop or macbook 2021 or 2022

When you open netflix it recommends movies which you have viewed or watched but you didn’t like the movie and quit watching movie or web-series on Netflix or Maybe you started watching a show and didn’t like it or maybe you watched something you don’t want other people to find out about or you have accidentally opened the movie and you have closed it or it could be any other reason like you want to hide movies which you watched (delete  watch history on Netflix) then you can delete continue watching on netflix on iPhone, iPad or Android device. So, let’s see them in detail below.

Either way,over time, and for any number of reasons, it’s likely your netflix continues watching row has become cluttered with items you don’t want in it.

Netflix makes it easy to remove shows from the continue watching section.

How to Delete Continue Watching on Netflix on iPhone

Below are the steps to remove the unwanted shows from your continue watching list across netflix on all platforms.

Step 1: Launch the “netflix app” on your iphone,ipad or android device and then scroll down to continue watching the row.

Step 2:find the movie or show you want to remove from continue watching and then tap the vertical ellipses directly beneath that item.then the menu is displayed on the screen.

Step 3: click on “remove from row “ in the menu.then the dialog box is displayed on the screen, it shows remove the title from continue watching.

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Step 4:click on “ok” to remove the title from continue watching

Step 5: then that movie or show will be removed from continuing watching. 

Repeat the process for any other titles you want to remove from your netflix continue.

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