How to Kick Someone Off Netflix While They Are Watching


If someone else is watching on netflix and you want to kick them out of your netflix account this can be due to any reason like number of persons logged into your netflix account or if someone has your netflix password and watching movies (streaming netflix without access) then you can easily kick them out of your netflix account. So, let’s see in detail below.

Kick Someone Off Netflix While They Are Watching

If you kick someone out of your netflix account while they are watching then you can simply sign out of all devices from your netflix account and change password and without changing password as well.

Kick Someone off Netflix While They are Watching

Follow below steps and kick someone out of a netflix account with unauthorized access or the netflix logged in account limit has reached issue.

Step 1: Open web browser and go to official website

Step 2: Now, Click on Profile photo and Select Account

Step 3: Scroll down and Select Signout of all accounts and confirm in pop up box.

Step 4: Once you sign out of all devices then the user or person who is watching netflix with your account access will be kicked out of your netflix account.

Step 5: Now, you need to change password and login to your netflix account and start streaming netflix.

That’s it, this is how you kick someone out off netflix while they are watching and signout of all device of netflix account.

How to kick someone off Netflix without changing password

If you want to kick someone off from a netflix account without changing password then you need to remove the user and signout the user that has already logged into your netflix account and restrict access of the user as well.

Can I lock someone out of my Netflix?

Yes! You need to login to your netflix account and then you need to go to account settings and select option signout of all devices.

If You Change Your Netflix Password Does it Log Everyone Out

Yes! It will log out of everyone from netflix account who are logged in and they need to login to netflix account using correct password to login to netflix account.

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