Factory Reset Grayed out in Samsung Smart tv


On your Samsung smart tv if you are facing issues like apps not working or blank screen, reset networks, restarting on its own, Netflix stuck on loading or any other issues and when you are trying to factory reset Samsung smart tv and you suddenly see factory reset grayed out in Samsung smart tv or enable broadcasting grayed out option or disabled then you cant factory reset your Samsung smart tv, this is seen in most of the Samsung smart tv and this issue can be fixed easily by following  few steps, lets see in details below.

factory reset grayed out in samsung smart tv

How to Fix Factory Reset Grayed Out in Samsung Smart tv

Easy and quick fix is just close all the application running in background and make sure you are on TV mode on and no apps like Hulu, Netflix, amazon prime are not running in background.

Factory Reset Grayed Out in Samsung Smart tv

Close All Applications Running in Background

Step 1: Grab you Remote and press exit and reach home screen.

grab you remote and press exit and go to home screen

Step 2: Now Go to Settings and tap on enter.

Go to Settings and tap on enter

Step 3: Go to General

Now, go to general

Step 4: Scroll down and see reset option will not be greyed out here anymore.

once you close all apps from background reset option will not be greyed out

It’s a very frustrating situation like everything seems to be not working and when you are resetting your Samsung smart and reset option also greyed out or disabled, then it kind of very much frustrating. Close all apps running in background that’s it factory reset greyed option will not be seen. It works.

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Reasons why your Factory Reset Grayed Out in Samsung Smart tv?

why samsung smart tv reset option is greyed out

If you have any apps running in the background on your Samsung smart tv, then factory reset greyed out will be seen and when any app running in background Samsung smart tv will not allow you to factory reset.

How to Reset Factory Reset Greyed out Samsung Smart tv

Step 1: Unplug power cable from Samsung smart tv and wait for 30 seconds.

Step 2: Now, plug back power cable and restart Samsung smart tv.

Step 3: Now, go to Settings -> Go to General

Step 4: Scroll down and Select Reset and enter 4 digit password and reset Samsung smart tv.

That’s it, this is how reset Samsung smart tv which is grayed out on Samsung tv.

Disabled or Factory reset grayed out in Samsung tv?

Close smart hub, and exit all apps which are running in background.

Why factory reset grayed out in  Samsung smart tv?

If any apps are running in background Samsung smart tv reset option will be grayed out.

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