How to Fix Crave Tv Not Working on Samsung Smart tv

  • To fix the crave tv app not working on samsung tv -> you need to reinstall crave tv app and then remove crave tv from the home menu and add it again and open crave tv.
  • To fix crave tv streaming errors -> Reset router and modem and force stop crave tv app and clear cache and clear data.
  • If you cant watch a crave tv app sometimes there may be technical issues as well, so wait for sometime or contact support of crave tv app.

On your samsung smart tv if you are watching crave tv and suddenly you get a streaming error on your crave tv or when you hit stop the video or pause the video and when you try to resume the crave tv video you are watching then it doesn’t play video on crave tv instead it throws back a streaming error on crave tv while watching video then you need to follow these simple steps and fix this crave error not working on samsung smart tv or apps not working on samsung tv. So, let’s see in detail below.

Its very frustrating situation when you try to watch favorite tv show or movies on crave tv and you get a streaming error on crave tv and doesn’t go away and it says the same when ever you open crave tv and this method will help you  fix crave tv not working on samsung tv 100 percent for sure. 

Fix Crave tv Not Working on Samsung Smart tv

Follow below methods to fix crave tv not working on samsung tv and your crave tv streaming issue will be resolved successfully.

Step 1: Go to main menu of your samsung smart tv

Step 2: Go to Apps section on your menu and click on it

Step 3: Locate crave tv and press apps button -> A menu will pop up 

Step 4: Now, Select Reinstall option and wait for your samsung smart tv to reinstall crave tv on your Samsung tv.

Step 5: Once the crave tv app reinstall -> Go back to the main menu of your samsung smart tv.

Step 6: Wait for the crave tv to install completely – 100 percent, let crave tv reinstall completely.

Step 7: Go back to main menu -> Locate crave tv and hit down arrow and select remove from home page menu.

Step 8: Now, go back to apps -> highlight crave tv -> press the middle button (ok button on remote).

Step 9: A menu will pop up -> Here select add to home which brings crave tv on your home page and put crave tv app on your home page menu where ever you want by using arrow keys.

Step 10: Now, open crave tv app and it will start loading crave tv without any issues.

That;s it, this is how you fix crave tv not working on samsung smart tv by deleting and reinstalling crave tv app again on your samsung smart tv.

Clear cache and clear data

Step 1: Go to apps section on samsung smart tv

Step 2: Select Manage app section and locate crave tv app and select clear cache and press ok and delete cache of crave tv app.

Step 3: Likewise, delete clear data and press ok.

Once you delete and clear cache and clear data then go ahead and open crave tv app and it will open crave tv  app without any issues and crave tv not working or crave tv having streaming error or stuck on playing video on crave tv issue will be resolved successfully and crave tv not loading on samsung smart tv will be fixed.

Hard reset Samsung tv

Step 1: Unplug power cable of samsung tv and wait for 60 seconds

Step 2: Plug back power cable and let your samsung tv boot up and restart.

Step 3: Now, open crave tv app and it will open without any streaming errors on samsugn smart tv.

Reset Modem

You can also try resetting your router or modem and press reset button on your modem or router and wait for 60 seconds and turn on your router.

Why can’t I watch Crave on my TV?

This can be due to technical issues, some times if your samsung smart tv is running an outdated version of samsung tv or if there are any streaming issue itself with crave tv app then crave tv will not open and you cant watch crave tv on samsung smart tv.

crave says i don’t have a subscription?

If you have a paid subscription and crave tv says you dont have a subscription, then you need to force quit crave tv app and restart samsung tv and relaunch crave tv and your crave says i dont have a subscription error will be fixed.

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