When is iPhone 16 Coming Out with A18 chipset, 8GB RAM, WIFI 6 Support, 48MP and More

iPhone 16 is expected to release on September 2024 and iPhone is expected to come with new features with big upgrades to iPhone 16 camera and with higher RAM with new A18 processor with 8GB of Ram, WIFI 6E Support with iPhone 16 plus and Pro models and with high speed WIFI connectivity with new A18 chip inside iPhone 16 Plus and Pro, Max iPhone mobiles.

Every year Apple release new mobiles in September and last year with apple event it release all new products along with iPhone, iPad, new MacBook series and apple watch and other products and expecting the same this year in September apple event will be held and official data of apple event in September 2024 is not announced yet.

When will the iPhone 16 be Available on Apple Stores?

Once Apple announces iPhone 16, 16 Plus, iPhone 16 Pro and Max series of iphone along with other new releases of Apple products, after one or two weeks after apple event new iphone 16 will be available online and apple store.

September Ending or November 1st Week after apple event apple new iphone 16 series mobiles will be available.

What to Expect from Apple New iPhone 16, Plus, iPhone 16 Pro or Pro Max Mobiles?

There are many leaks and possible changes with the new iPhone 16, iPhone 16 Pro or Max and iPhone 16 will be getting a new upgrade with its new chip A18 in iPhone 16 Pro or Pro max mobiles, getting an upgrade with 8GB Ram, Advanced Qualcomm x70, Advanced Qualcomm x70, iPhone camera from 12mp to 48MP with ultra wide camera, high boosting wifi connectivity and lot more with new iOS 17 or iOS 18 features.

iPhone 16 Features and Upgrades from iPhone 15 Mobiles

1) New Chip with A18 Pro chip

2) iPhone 16 with 8GB RAM

3) Advanced Qualcomm x70 and x75

4) WIFI 6E Support with faster speeds

5) Camera Upgrades from 12 MegaPixel to 48 MegaPixel

6) New Design Changes

7) WIFI 7 changes, USB type C, AI Capabilities, Battery and More.

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