How to Fix iPhone 14 Crashing After Data Transfer or Unresponsive

  • Force restart your iphone and uninstall and reinstall the app and check.
  • Reset all settings to its default factory settings and iphone 14 crashing after data transfer will be resolved.

If you have bought iphone 14, pro or max mobile and successfully transfer data from old iphone to new iphone and you are getting to see iphone crashing or freezing or stuck or becoming unresponsive iphone 14 or 14 pro max then you can follow these steps and fix the issue.

Many iphone 14. 14 pro, max users reported that there are having issue after data transfer from old phone to new phone and also having issue while transferring data cannot be completed due to storage issues and other issues with new iphone 14 with iOS 16. 

Fix iPhone 14 Crashing After Data Transfer or Unresponsive

Iphone troubleshooting methods will fix the issue of iphone 14 crashing or becoming unresponsive and freezing or other issues on iPhone 14 pro or 14 pro max.

Force Restart iPhone

Step 1: Quickly Press and release volume up button.

Step 2: Quickly press and release volume down button

Step 3: Press and hold power button until apple logo appears and release once apple logo appears.

Step 4: Wait for your iphone 14 to restart.

Once you force restart your iphone 14 crashing after data transfer issue will be resolved successfully.

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Uninstall and Reinstall App

If you are having issue with iphone crashing after installing app or using app then you need to uninstall or delete and reinstall app again from app store.

Step 1: Press and hold the app which you are having issues and tap on remove

Step 2: Confirm in pop up box and wait for the app to uninstall

Reinstall App

Step 3: Now, go to app store and search for the app and tpa on get button and install app on your iPhone.

Now, once you uninstall and reinstall app then go ahead and open the app and your issue of app crashing on iphone 14 or freezing or unresponsive issue will be resolved successfully.

Reset All Settings 

Step 1: Open settings app -> Tap on General

Step 2: Tap on reset or transfer iphone

Step 3: Enter passcode and reset all settings and confirm in pop up box and wait for it to reset all settings.

When you reset all settings all settings on iphone will be reset to its default factory settings.


iPhone still frozen after force restart

uninstall and install the app again and reset all settings to fix iphone app crashing or frozen or unresponsive and update your iphone to latest iOS.

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