How to Enable or Disable SIM PIN on iPhone 12, 13

  • To turn on sim lock on iPhone or enable sim pin -> Settings -> General -> Mobile Data -> Turn on Sim pin or Lock option -> Enter sim pin (default sim pin 1234 or 0000) and enable or turn on sim lock on iPhone.
  • To Disable Sim Pin on iPhone -> Settings -> General -> Mobile and Cellular Data -> Turn off and enter your current pin and disable sim locking on iPhone.
  • To change sim pin -> just tap on change pin and present sim lock pin and change sim lock pin from default sim pin on iPhone.

On your iPhone you can enable and disable sim pin and its an optional feature and by enabling sim pin on your iPhone you can prevent access to other use cellular data and you need to enter sim pin in order to access these features and if sim pin is enabled this will display sim card is locked in status bar which indicates that your sim card is locked and you can fix if sim card is locked on iPhone.

And you can change this sim pin and enable or disable this sim pin feature and locking sim is recommended as your sim card contains very important info for banks and 2 factor authentications and many others.

How to Enable or Disable or Lock or Unlock SIM PIN on iPhone

Follow below methods to enable or disable sim pin on Any iPhone and prevent acces to others.

Lock Sim Card on iPhone

Step 1: Insert sim card on iPhone.

Step 2: Now, open settings app

Step 3: Tap on Mobile Data.

Step 4: Now, in sim card settings -> tap on Sim Pin

Step 5: Now, enter your sim code pin to lock your and make sure there will be only 3 attempts to enter correct code or else your sim card will be blocked.

Step 6: Now, enter the sim pin 1234 or 0000 and tap on Done on top.

That’s it this is how you lock a sim card on iPhone and by just enabling this sim pin your sim card will be protected and prevent access to others to use cellular or other features and it will be encrypted.

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Change Pin Card on iPhone From Default Sim Pin

You can change the pin lock once you set or enable sim pin on your iPhone and change sim pin on your iPhone from default.

Step 1: Open settings app -> Mobile data -> tap on sim pin

Step 2: Now, tap on change pin option.

Step 3: enter your current sim pin and tap on Done.

Step 4: Now, enter your new pin code and tap on Done.

That;s it, this is how you change sim pin code on your iPhone from default sim pin code.

Turn OFF Sim Pin Lock or Disable Sim lock on iPhone

Step 1: Launch settings app

Step 2: Now, Tap on Mobile or Cellular data

Step 3: Turn off sim Pin by toggling button.

Step 4: Enter your current sim pin and turn off sim lock on iPhone.

What Happens if i Enable Sim Pin on iPhone

If you have enabled sim pin on iPhone and your mobile cellular data will be restricted to get access your sim card information and when ever you restart your iPhone device you will be prompted to enter sim pin and it says sim is locked and once you enter your sim pin then your iPhone will be restarted otherwise your iPhone just stays on this screen only.

What is the Default Pin Code on iPhone

By default sim code of your iPhone will be 1234 or it can be 0000 and you need to enter this sim pin when you are trying to setup or lock sim pin.

How to Find Sim Card Pin of iPhone

To find sim card pin you need to grab your sim card holder or sim card card and there will be pin code mentioned on back of your sim card cover. 

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