How to fix broadcasting Grayed out on Samsung Smart tv

How to fix broadcasting Grayed out on Samsung Smart tv:

In your Samsung smart tv and under broadcasting if you are seeing broadcasting grayed out (disabled) it’s very simple and you can self-diagnose this issue, if you are not having a smart tv there is a different way to program Samsung tv for antena to fix, if you are having Samsung smart tv, then follow the below steps. Let’s see them in detail.

How to fix broadcasting Grayed out on Samsung Smart tv:

Step 1: Press the Home Button on your Samsung smart tv remove

Step 2: Now click on Source button.

Step 3: Make sure that your Samsung Smart tv plus needs to be checked.

Step 4: Now Go ahead and Press ok on Samsung smart tv to confirm and it is selected.

Step 4: Now Press on Source again, if you see the check mark on Samsung smart tv is selected.

Step 5: Now Go down to settings gear icon.

Step 6: Now you will not see broadcasting grayed out on Samsung smart tv.

That’s it, if your perform about steps correctly then broadcasting grayed out on Samsung smart tv will be  fixed.

If you still having Samsung smart tv broadcasting greyed out, then just go ahead and unplug your Samsung smart tv and plug back in to your wall after 5 minutes, turn your Samsung smart tv on and perform same above steps will fix this issue.

Turn Peak Mode Off on Broadcasting Grayed out on Samsung Smart tv:

If your Samsung smart tv is still grayed out then follow the below and make sure that peak mode is off and it is called hospitality mode if you are having non-samsung smart tv.

You can turn it off by entering service menu and entering service menu through remote by pressing a key combination here, just follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Now Press MUTE, 182 and power button on your remote.

Note: Wait for few seconds here until your Samsung smart tv turns on.


Step 2: Now, Service menu will be popped up on your left side of your Samsung smart tv.

Step 3: Now use your remote to scroll up and down and go to control option and press ok.

Step 4: Now scroll down and select SHOP OPTION.

Step 5: Now you can see peak mode option on your Samsung smart tv, just make sure that your peak mode is off.

Step 6: USE ARROWS left and right to turn it on and off. (if it is turned ON make it OFF)

Step 7: Once you turn PEAK Mode OFF, turn the tv off and turn tv on.

Once the peak mode is off,, turn on Samsung smart tv and check Samsung Smart tv plus to fix broadcasting greyed out on Samsung smart tv.

How do I enable broadcasting on my Samsung Smart TV?

To enable broad casting on smasung smart tv, just go ahead and turn on->Source->select Samsung smart tv plus and click on source.

How to enter services menu in Samsung Smart tv?

It’s a key combination to enter service menu, press mute  and then 182 and press power button to enter services menu.