Google Play Services Keeps Stopping:

When you are accessing your android mobile or opening google play store you will be prompted with google play services keeps stopping error, this is due to something went wrong with google play store apps, sometimes, you will be prompted with google play services keeps stopping error on your android device, this error keeps coming on your mobile and its  very exasperating thing when you see it on your android device and google play services keeps stopping can be fixed easily by following below methods, lets  see them in detail below to resolve annoying pop with play services stopping on phone.

Google Play Services Keeps Stopping

Google play services keeps stopping:

Step 1: Open Phone Settings.

Step 2: Click on Lock screen and Security->Other security -> Device Admin apps.

Step 3: Click on Find My Phone and Deactivate it.

Step 4: Now Navigate Back to Settings.

Step 5: Click on Apps.

Step 6: All your installed applications will be listed now, Scroll down and search Google Play Services.

Step 7: Click on three dots at top right corner and Uninstall Updates now and press ok.

Step 8: Wait for few seconds till google play services gets updates uninstalled.

Note: Now you can see after uninstalling google play services updates, you will not see 3 dots when you click google play services application. (previous step)

Step 9:  Now Restart your Android device and open play store Application, now you will not show any error.

Clearing Cache of Google play services data(cached):

You can also fix google play service keeps stopping by clearing or deleting cache data, follow below steps:

Step 1: Go to settings->Apps and Notification->click on Apps.

Step 2: Search Google Play Services and click on clear storage or clear data.

Once done, restart your android device and you will not see google play services keeps stopping on your screen.

Change time and Date to Automatic to fix Google play services keeps stopping:

Some time change of time and date will also lead to this error and to fix follow below steps:

  1. Click on Settings.
  2. Select Data and Time.
  3. Check automatic date and time (if it’s already set, make sure your time and date is set correctly).
  4. Restart your device.
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