How Do I Stop Google Play From Looping?

How Do I Stop Google Play From Looping?

  • Force restart your android mobile and Clear cache and clear all data of google play store and free up internal memory space.
  • Uninstall google play services updates and Remove google account from your android mobile and add again will fix this google play looping issue.

On your android device when you open google play and you are having issue of google play looping issues and keeps on looping but doesn’t work or cant open google play or cant use google play on your android device then you can easily fix this issue. So, let’s see in detail below.

You can get this issue of Google play from looping issue on your android mobile or google play store stuck on checking info

or Google play store wont show updates or google play store crashing or not updating issue can be fixed easily.

How Do I Stop Google Play From Looping?

How do I stop Google Play from looping?

Below google play troubleshooting tips will help you fix this issue easily and get rid of google play looing issue.

Force Restart your Mobile

  • Press and hold power button on side of your android mobile
  • Once you see android logo then go ahead and release power button and wait until your android mobile restarts.

Once you force restart then your issue will be fixed.

Clear Cache and Clear Storage of Google Play

  • Open Settings
  • Tap on Manage Apps
  • Scroll down and tap on Google Play Store
  • Tap on Clear Cache and Tap on Clear All Data.

Once you clear cache and clear all data then go ahead and check with google play and your error of google play from looping issue will be fixed.

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Remove Google Account and Add Again

  • Go to Settings -> Tap on User Account
  • Tap on Google and click on 3 dots on top
  • Remove your google account and then add google account again.

Once you remove google account  from your mobile and then add your google account again then issue of google play from looping issue will be fixed successfully.

Uninstall Google Play Services Updates

You can try uninstalling google play services updates and then check with google play store looping issues has been fixed or not.

Free up Internal Memory Space

You need to free up internal memory space and delete unwanted data and free up internal storage space. Sometimes if there is not enough internal memory storage then you can experience this issue of google play store from looping issue.

Why Google Play Looping?

This can be due to cache and clear storage of google play services and once you clear cache and all data and uninstall and reinstall updates of google play services to fix this issue.


Google play store not working on Android

You need to uninstall updates and then clear cache and clear all dat of google play store and google play services.

How do I fix Google Play pending?

Make sure that you are connected to wifi internet connection with good signal strength and free up internal memory storage and have storage space on your android device.