How to Fix LoadLibrary Failed error 1114 in windows 10

In windows if you are attempting to start a game you may see this error LoadLibrary Failed error 1114 in windows 10 and this can be caused by dynamic link library initialization routine failed error message is related to graphics mixing and can fixed easily by changing power option settings of switchable dynamic graphics->global settings and battery performance to maximum performance let’s see in detail below.

Fix LoadLibrary Failed error 1114 in windows 10

Step 1: Click on start menu and open control panel by typing control panel in windows search.

Step 2: Change view icons to large view

Step 3: Click on power options

Step 4: Select High Performance or Recommended power plans

Step 5: Click on change Plan settings side by as selected high or recommended plan.

Step 6:  Click on Change Advanced settings

Note: Power options Advanced settings will be prompted

Step 7: Select Switchable dynamic graphics->Global Settings

Note: If you cant see switchable dynamic graphics, then you are not on virtual environment.

Step 8: Change on Battery to -> Maximize performance.

Step 9: Change Plugged in to -> Maximize performance

Step 10: Click Apply and ok and close power option settings.

That’s it, this is how you fix LoadLibrary Failed error 1114 in windows 10, once you apply these settings to maximum performance you will not face any error in LoadLibrary failed error.

Choose NVIDIA High Performance in NVIDIA Control Panel Settings

Step 1: Right click on your desktop and select Nvidia Control panel

Step 2: Click on program settings

Step 3: Click on Add option

Step 4: Select the game or application you are getting failed LoadLibrary Failed error.

Step 5: Now, select the preferred graphics processor for this program to High performance NVIDIA processor.

Step 6: Click Apply and close NVIDIA settings control panel.

Why you are getting LoadLibrary Failed error 1114 in windows 10?

You will see this error in your windows 10 laptop having NVIDIA or Radeon and often this error is seen when playing games like Minecraft or vivecraft and other games in windows 10.

How to fix LoadLibrary Failed error 1114 in windows 10?

By changing power option settings of Switchable dynamic graphics of battery and plugged in to maximize performance and high performance.

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