Fix Toshiba Smart TV No Sound

How to Fix Toshiba Smart TV No Sound

If your Toshiba videos streams good but you cannot find any audio because of some errors or technical problem. So, there are some steps to fix those problems and causes like TV hardware, external devices, cables, settings etc.

Fix Toshiba Smart tv No Sound

Follow below toshiba smart tv troubleshooting guide for no sound on toshiba and bring back sound on your tv.

Double Check The Mute

One of the feature is mute is common cause of Toshiba TV no sound. So, usually check the mute that you may have enabled the mute mode unfortunately.

  • So, once you press the mute button on your remote to ensure that the sound comes back again.

Up the Volume

Like mute button volume key may be accidentally pressed down or decreased down to zero.

So, up your TV volume and mute mode on TV or setup box too. These are some similar settings that can obstruct your audio.

Try other Channels

If the problem is not on TV or cable box then it could be a transmission error from the broadcast station.

In order to check, try using different channels if sound restores in any of those and wait  until a specific TV station resolves the issue.

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Disconnect Output Devices

Sometimes TV internal soundbar becomes dumb when you place or insert any audio output like headset or speaker into TV.

Scan your output port for any connected devices and even check for wireless connected gadgets. Then disconnect everything from TV and see if audio comes back.

Test Speaker

If you are using the TV soundbar, attach a spare speaker to T  and test the audio.

Step 1: Use an external audio system rather than your TV inbuilt speaker hook them to another device to see if they work correctly.

Step 2: Alternatively, you have to disconnect the audio system from your TV and insert a pair of headphone into headphone jack.

Step 3: If you still not hear anything, then the issue lies within your system not the speaker.

Turn on Internal Speaker

One special feature of Toshiba TV give an option is turn your inbuilt speaker on/off. It allows users to setup s home speaker to produce sound.

Step 1: Another possible reason for your Toshiba sound issue it that you have enabled these option by mistake.

Step 2: Take your remote and go to main menu. Now, choose audio option.

Step 3: Select speakers and press on enter button to set it to on status.

Investigate the Wires & Cables

Cables are main tools for transmission, so first ensure the HDMI cables is firmly attached to both ends on your TV and source device.

Step 1: If you are using any A/V cable. So check that too and make sure you have inserted into the correct port.

Step 2: Check the wires for any cuts or wear and tear. If everything is fine unplug all cables, wait for few minutes Replug them.

Step 3: If everything fails, replace each cable with new one. If they have lost their connections.

Disable secondary Audio protocol:

It is designed for non native cables issue. Using these, tv stations provide an auxiliary audio track for non english audience to watch the same in their own language.

So, check it may accidentally switched on.

Step 1: First look for SAP button on remote control to turn it off. It may also be labelled as MS or Android.

Step 2: Then go to your TVs main menu or settings.

Step 3: Check for audio option and toggle the SAP or audio option from ON to OFF position.

Step 4: If you wont see ON/OFF SAP button then look for MTS and change it to stereo or mono or other station on list.

Step 5: Still you cannot find SAP contact your user manual for more exact details or get help from any technician

That’s it, this is how you fix toshiba smart tv not having sound or no sound issue when playing video.