How to Wipe Cache Partition on Amazon fire HD

  • To wipe out and clear cache partition on fire tablet  -> Enter amazon fire tablet recovery menu and wipe out cache partition.
  • To enter amazon fire tablet recovery mode menu -> you need to press and hold both power button and volume up button until you see amazon logo on your amazon fire tablet HD screen.

If your amazon fire tablet HD is not working or suddenly apps are getting crashed or black screen on Amazon fire tablet then by just clearing cache partition data will fix the issue of amazon fire tablet responding very slow or amazon fire tablet is frozen or delay when you access amazon fire tablet. So, let see in detail how to fix slow or lag issue.

How to Wipe Cache Partition on Amazon fire HD

Step 1: Press the power button on top and top on the power button

Step 2: Next , you need to press two buttons -> Power button -> Volume up button and Keep pressing both buttons for a minute at the same time. Keep on holding until you see an Amazon logo.

Step 3: After appearing on the amazon logo, Then you find an “AMAZON RECOVERY MENU”.

Step 4: In the AMAZON RECOVERY MENU you will find an option. You need to click on the “WIPE CACHE PARTITION” option.

Step: 5 After selecting an option click on “power” button

Step :6 Next you will find a “yes or no“ option. Click on “ yes “

Step : 7 After clicking “yes”, then click on “power button”

Step : 8  then you find an option “WIPE CACHE COMPLETE” After finding this option click on “REBOOT SYSTEM NOW”,  And at last click on power button.

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Benefits  OF Wipe Cache Partition on Amazon Fire HD

1) It avoids glitches in the both firmware and hardware

2) It fixes your minor problems which occurs on it

3) It improves the performance of your phone memory

4) It runs very smoothly

5) It get boot successfully when it get stuck 

Disadvantages Of Wipe Cache Partition

1) It occupies a much space on your phone memory

2) It reduces speed and it runs very slowly 

3) It does not show any information regarding latest version any information related web pages or any other information or any updates regarding any application

4) The system will not work properly and creates many problems while opening any application or else opening any web pages

Does Wipe Cache Partition Deletes Everything?

After doing a wipe cache partition it does not delete you any application or your data or any configuration which is stored in you memory ,it just simply delete your junk files 

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