How to Wipe Cache Partition on Samsung Galaxy A23 5G

  • To wipe the cache partition on Samsung galaxy A23 -> you need to enter recovery mode on galaxy a23 and then wipe cache partition using two key combinations.
  • To enter recovery mode or menu and wipe cache partition ->Turn off your mobile ->  Connect your mobile to computer and press volume up and power button until you see samsung logo and recovery mode menu will be displayed.
  • Now, using volume keys select wipe cache partition and press power button to perform wipe cache partition and once done reboot your Samsung galaxy a23 mobile.

If your samsung galaxy A23 is responding too slow or galaxy A23 gets stuck or responds too late when you open an app on your Samsung Galaxy A23 mobile then your can get rid of all these issues by just wipe the cache partition on samsung A23 5g mobile and fix this issues and also drains battery as well if cache partition gets full. So, let’s see in detail below.

Wipe cache partition and clearing cache and clearing all data always helps in speeding up your galaxy A23 mobile or any other galaxy mobiles and it is recommended to clear cache samsung A23 and wipe out cache partitions if your device starts to respond slow or laggy.

You will need a computer and a charging cable to connect your Samsung galaxy A23 to your computer.

Wipe Cache Partition Samsung Galaxy A23 5g

Follow below methods to wipe out cache partitions on Samsung Galaxy A23 easily by just these steps.

Step 1: First, Turn off your Samsung galaxy A23 mobile, press and hold the power button and tap on the power button to turn off.

Step 2: Grab your Galaxy A23 charging cable and plug it to your mobile and one end of charging usb to your computer.

Step 3: Now, once your Galaxy A23 is connected to the computer -> Press and hold volume up button and power button and release these two keys once you see the Samsung logo on your galaxy A23 mobile.

Step 4: Wait for your Samsung Galaxy A23 to enter the recovery mode menu.

Step 5: Using Side Volume up and down button -> Highlight Wipe Cache Partition.

Step 6: Press power button to select wipe cache partition to perform.

Step 7: Confirm by selecting yes and press power button and wait for your galaxy A23 to complete wipe cache partition and your screen will display wipe cache partition is completed.

Step 8: Now, select the reboot system and press the power button and wait for your samsung galaxy A23 to reboot.

That’s it, once your Samsung galaxy A23 reboots then your wipe cache partition will be completed and all your temp files, unused or cluster files or junk files will be deleted from your galaxy a23.

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What happens if I wipe cache partition on Samsung A23

If you wipe out the cache partition it deletes all temporary files that are stored on your galaxy a23 like app data, cluttered data or unused data and all other junk data and will speed up your galaxy A23 5g arena or any other galaxy mobiles.

Does Wipe Cache Partition Deletes All Data or Erase Data

No, It will not delete any files when you wipeout cache partition and only temporary files which are used in background stored in cache partition only gets deleted and no important files or data are deleted and it will not erase data from your Galaxy A23 5g mobile and no need to worry and have a question in mind that does wiping phone cache partition delete anything when wiping out cache on Galaxy A23 mobile.

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