How to Reset Xiaomi Redmi Mobile and Wipe All Data

  • To reset xiaomi redmi mobile -> turn off redmi phone -> press volume up button and power button for 5 seconds until a main menu appears -> Select Wipe all data and confirm reset process.
  • Use the power button and volume button to navigate in the main menu when performing a reset on the redmi phone.

If your xiaomi redmi phone is not responding or keeps on hanging when you are using redmi phone and becomes unresponsive or frozen or laggy or if your xiaomi redmi phone is not working as expected and starting to behave weird or locked or xiaomi redmi phone is showing black screen or turns off randomly and restarts on its own,  then you need to reset xiaomi redmi phone and reset it completely and fix any issue with redmi phone. So, let’s see in detail below.

No wonder xiaomi is the best affordable mobile with low budget that everyone can afford and gives you plenty of storage options with good camera pixel and with good user interface but you may also experience issues on xiaomi redmi phone as well and you may want to reset redmi phone at times.

Reset Xiaomi Redmi Phone

To Reset xiaomi redmi phone just follow the below steps and your redmi phone will be reset completely and erase all data.

Step 1: Turn off your xiaomi red mi phone 

Step 2: Press and hold volume up button and power button simultaneously together for 10 seconds

Step 3: Once you see redmi logo on your screen then let go off the keys

Step 4: A Main menu screen will be displayed on your screen now and by using volume up and down buttons and power buttons you need to navigate from here and perform hard reset or factory reset on your redmi phone.

Step 5: Press Volume down and highlight wipe data option and press power button to confirm

Step 6: Select wipe all data options and press power button to confirm or Press ok.

Step 7: Now, Press volume down button and confirm reset (wipe all data) or hard reset redmi mobile.

Step 8: Wait for your xiaomi redmi mobile to complete the reset process and wipe out all data.

Step 9: Once you see data wiped successfully then you need to go ahead and select reboot and press power button and wait for redmi mobile to restart.

That’s it, once you reboot your xiaomi mobile, it will restart our redmi phone and once it restarts all your data on your xiaomi mobile will be wiped successful and all user data an everything will erased from your redmi phone and this is how you reset xiaomi red mi mobile.

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What Happens when you Reset Xiaomi Redmi Phone

When you reset xiaomi redmi phone all your data will be wiped out including photos, music, videos, internal memory and if your redmi phone is having any issues like unlocking or redmi mobile stuck or laggy or redmi phone locked then all issues will be fixed. 

When you reset redmi phone all its settings which are changed will be restored back to its original default factory settings like a new brand xiaomi redmi phone.

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