Google Pixel Watch Fitbit ECG App crashing or Freezing

  • You need to update your fitbit ecg app to the latest version on your google pixel watch.
  • Force restart and Clear Cache and Clear all data of Fitbit ECG App and open fitbit app.

On your Google Pixel watch if you are measuring ECG and countdown starts and fitbit ecg app is not analyzing the data that is getting collected and then ecg app crashes or freezes or becomes unresponsive as soon as the on fitbit watch with ECG app or oximeter or any issues or fitbit watch crashes or freezing or blank screen then you can easily fix this issue easily on your own. So, let’s see in detail below.

Google Pixel Watch Fitbit ECG App crashing or Freezing

On Google pixel watch if Fitbit ECG not working Charge 5 or stuck at 1 percent remaining or ecg timer not working or not available or due to incomplete ecg setup on fitbit or any other issue like fitbit watch screen not displaying when twisting wrist, or screen not working on fitbit watch then you need to force restart google pixel watch and other solution to fix fitbit ecg app issues.

Fitbit ECG App crashing or Freezing on Google Pixel Watch

Below fitbit app troubleshooting methods will help you get rid of ecg app crashing on Google pixel watch series easily.

Force Restart

You need to force restart your google pixel watch and press and hold crown button till you see restart option and tap on restart and wait for it to restart.

Clear Cache and Clear Data of Fitbit App 

  • Swipe from top to bottom on your fitbit watch and access quick settings
  • Tap on Settings – Gear icon
  • Scroll down and tap on Apps and Notifications
  • Scroll down and tap on Quick info
  • Tap on System Apps
  • Scroll down and find FitBit ECG App and tap on it
  • Tap on App info
  • Tap on Clear Data and Click on Check Mark
  • Tap on Clear cache and click on Check Mark and once you delete clear cache and clear all data of fitbit ecg app, go ahead and open ECG app on fitbit app.

That’s it, once you clear cache and clear all data of your ecg app on fitbit watch then your issue of ecg app crashing or freezing or stuck or ECG not available issue will be resolved successfully on Google Pixel Watch.

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Update Fitbit App on Google Pixel

You need to update the fitbit app to the latest WearOS version on your google pixel watch and always stay up to date WearOS to avoid these kinds of issues.

Why Google Pixel Watch Fitbit App Not Working

This can be due to too much cache or fitbit app ecg data and causing this issue of fitbit app crashing or freezing or ecg not measuring on fitbit app or due to older version of fitbit app on google pixel.


Fitbit ECG Not Working Pixel Watch

Clear cache and clear all data of fitbit ecg app and force restart your google pixel watch to fix fitbit ecg not working or crashing or freezing or not measuring ecg issues.

Does Fitbit work with Google Pixel?

Yes! It Works and you need to connect your google pixel watch to your fitbit account and setup.

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