How to Change Mac System Language on MacOS M1 Pro

  • To change mac System language on MacOS -> Apple logo -> System preferences -> Language and Region -> Click on Plus icon and add language (English or Chinese or Japanese) and add and select and make language as primary.
  • To change language from Chinese or Japanese to English -> click on apple logo on top -> select second option -> Select Flag icon option -> Click on Plus icon and add English language and then select and remove Chinese or Japanese language from language and region.
  • You can use mac keyboard shortcuts as well and change language on your keyboard.

On your mac m2 pro or m1 macOS Monterey if you want to change the system language to any other language from English to Chinese then you can change MacBook system language easily by just following these simple steps and this below method works with all macOS Monterey, Bigsur, sierra macOS.

You can change the mac language to another language by using MacBook shortcut keys as well and change the mac language keyboard from Chinese to English and change language from Japanese to English or English to Japanese etc.

Change Mac System Language on MacOS M1 pro and M1

Follow below methods to change mac system language and keyboard language on your macbook m1 or MacBook m1 pro with macOS Monterey.

Step 1: To change language on Mac -> Click on Apple logo on top

Step 2: Click on System Preferences.

Step 3: Click on Languages and region option.

Step 4: Now, click on plus icon that you want to add language on macbook or change mac system language to chinese or japanese.

Step 5: Now, select the language that you want to add and click on add option.

Step 6: Now, once you add the language then you need to select the option and make the newly added language primary here.

That’s it, this is how you can change mac system language on macOS Monterey m1 pro, m1 or MacBook pro easily.

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How to Change the Mac Language from Chinese to English?

If you have accidentally added or changed language from English to Chinese on your mac then you can remove mac language from Chinese to English easily by just following these steps as below.

Step 1: Click on the apple logo on top and select the second option (system preferences).

Step 2: Now, click on flag option which is language and region

Step 3: Now, click on plus icon at bottom -> Select English language from here and click on blue box (which is add or ok).

Step 4: Now, once you add english language then you need to go ahead and remove chinese language from your macbook language and region option.

Step 5: Highlight chinese language -> click on “Minus” icon to remove chinese language and click on middle option.

Step 6: In pop up select the first option (highlighted in blue option) and you macbook will restart.

Once you macbook restarts and boots back up then your language on your mac will be changed from chinese to english successfully.

How to Change Language Mac shortcut?

You can change mac language using shortcuts as well and you need to left Alt + Shift control + space on your keyboard and you can use control + space and search for language and region and change it form here.

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