How to fix MacBook pro brightness control not working

If you are trying to change or adjust MacBook pro brightness and suddenly MacBook control are not working when you are trying to dim the screen of your MacBook or adjusting the brightness or increasing brightness on MacBook or reducing brightness to save power on your MacBook brightness controls are not working then you can easily fix by following below methods, lets see them in detail below if your brightness controls of MacBook are not working and fix them below.

MacBook pro brightness control not working

Adjust the brightness:

Step 1: Click on apple menu on left top of your screen

Step 2: Select System preferences and click on it.

Step 3: Find displays and click on it.

Step 4: Under display tab -> brightness settings->by dragging slider according to your need you can dim or increase brightness or you can select automatically adjust brightness.

Restart your MacBook:

Some times by simply restarting your MacBook will work for you if you have difficulties or facing issues in brightness controls, Select apple menu -> Select restart and wait your MacBook to restart.

Check for macOS update:

If there is any macOS update available then you may face this issue of brightness control not working on your MacBook, so go ahead and check for macOS new version is available, if there is any new version of macOS available, then go ahead and download and update macOS.

Step 1: Select System preferences by clicking on Apple menu

Step 2: Now, select software update

Step 3: Now, click on update now, if there is any new version is available.

Step 4: Once you macOS gets updated you mac will restart again.

Once you update your macOS your brightness control which are not working will start working properly once you update macOS.

Reset NVRAM and PRAM if MacBook Brightness controls are not working:

Step 1: if your MacBook is turned on, go ahead and shutdown.

Step 2: Turn on your mac and immediately press and hold option + command + R keys and hold them for 30 seconds

Step 3: You can release the keys once hear the chime sound or when the apple logo appears and disappears for the second time.

Force restart to fix MacBook brightness controls not working:

Press and hold command + control + power button until your mac screen goes black and restarts.

Reset SMC:

Step 1: Shutdown your mac and next press and hold control + shift + power button for 10  seconds and release them.

Step 2: Wait for few seconds and press the power button to turn on your mac.

That’s it once you MacBook restarts and you reset SMC , your brightness adjusting control will start working normally.

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