Apple Expands Diagnostics for Self Service Repair Tool

Apple recently in December 13 expanded self service diagnostic repair tool and by using this repair tool users can use this diagnostic self service repair tool and its launched in April 2022 and now apple is expanding self service diagnostic repair tool and now supports 35 Apple Products in 24 languages.

Now, with the expanded diagnostic self tool it gives the ability for users to self diagnose the issues with apple devices the same way apple certified repair center (service Providers) does and self repair issues with 35 apple product devices with optimal part functionality and which parts needs to be repaired.

Apple has nearly doubled Apple certified repair centers including more than 4500 independent repair providers  and has more than 1 lakh active technicians.

By using a self service repair tool with a new diagnostic process it makes it easier to troubleshoot issues with your apple device and gives users the expertise to repair apple devices.

Self Service Repair Tool is Useful

Yes, its indeed useful for apple users if you want to troubleshoot issues with your apple device and become expertise in troubleshooting issue like certified apple repair service center technicians does and sometimes, issues may be complicated and you need to visit apple service center to fix the issues.

Self Service Repair Diagnostic Tool Supports 35 Apple Products

Now, the self Service repair diagnostic tool supports 35 apple products, including Apple iPhone 15 lineup, Macbooks powered by M2 chip lineup which includes 14 and 16 inch macbooks, Mac Mini, Mac Studio and other apple products.

Apple Self Service repair tool now supports across 24 languages, 33 countries and it now supports 35 apple products. 

Don’t Know How to Use Self Service Repair Diagnostic Tool

If you are not familiar with self service diagnostic repair tools then you can visit a nearby apple certified repair center and ask them to repair your apple device and they will do it for you.

Apple is just expanding the self service repair diagnostic tool and giving an option to users to use the DIY option and bringing the same tools used by Apple certified repair center users and repair accordingly.

Swapna Reddy
Swapna Reddy
Swapna Reddy is a Tech Content Writer and has a Degree of MTech Completed in 2011 and has an experience of more than 8 years as tech content writer and she writes about methods and solutions to fixing daily experiencing issues and helps users to resolve issues with All Smart tv'z, Computers, iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac and Optimizing methods and other tech related articles with real time experiences and fixes.

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