Enable Shuffle Wallpaper on iPhone Lock Screen in iOS 16

  • Open Settings -> Wallpaper -> Add new wallpaper -> Photo Shuffle and select on top or daily or hourly and select photo shuffle wallpaper and use it as wallpaper pair.
  • If iPhone Photo Shuffle wallpaper feature is not working then restart iPhone and update iPhone to latest version and select limited 2 or more and select different photos in photo shuffle wallpaper.

On your iPhone you can set wallpaper and with new iOS 16 you can set live wallpaper and change font size and shuffle wallpapers and set wallpaper with picture and many other things with new wallpaper settings on iPhone and set picture shuffle wallpaper on iPhone 14, 13, 12 on iOS 16 or later version of iOS.

Enable Shuffle Wallpaper on iPhone Lock Screen in iOS 16

Enable or Set Shuffle Wallpaper on iPhone Lock Screen in iOS 16

Step 1: Open settings app -> Tap on wallpaper

Step 2: Now, swipe right and tap on Add new wallpaper

Step 3: Tap on Photo Shuffle

Step 4: Select people and select Photo shuffle frequency to hourly, lock or tap and Select Tap here.

Step 5: Tap on use featured photos or select photos manually as well, tap on select photos manually to set which picture to appear in shuffle wallpaper and select photos or if you want to use featured photos then tap on featured photos and let iPhone select featured photos in shuffle wallpaper.

Step 6: Tap on 3 dots on bottom and select on Tap and Tap on Add on top right corner and save it.

Step 7: Tap on Set Wallpaper as Pair and your iPhone will set shuffle wallpaper as iPhone wallpaper and when you tap on wallpaper it will change.

That’s it, this is how you enable and set shuffle wallpaper on the iPhone lock screen on iOS 16 or later version of iOS version. 

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iOS 16 Photo Shuffle Wallpaper Not Working

If the wallpaper shuffle or picture shuffle wallpaper feature is not working on iPhone then you need to update the iPhone to the latest version of iOS and reset all settings to its default settings and try to set shuffle wallpaper on iPhone iOS 16.

iOS 16 Photo Shuffle Processing Time Takes Too Long

When you try to set photo shuffle wallpaper on iphone and iphone shuffle wallpaper processing time is taking too long or sometimes it takes days then you need to select photos manually with one or two photos, instead of using your entire iphone photo library as photo shuffle wallpaper and update iphone to latest version if you are having any other issues.

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