How to remove bing from chrome

How to Remove Bing From Chrome

If you want to remove Bing from chrome then you can easily remove Bing search engine from chrome by navigating to settings and remove Bing from chrome, so lets see in detail how to remove Bing from chrome and sometimes redirecting to Bing is also considered as virus or any malware injected in your chrome browser and keeps on redirecting to Bing in chrome browser or yahoo search and you need to remove virus and set default search engine to google.

If any malware or virus is injected in your chrome browser then Bing search engine will be automatically set default browser in chrome.

Remove bing from chrome
Remove bing from chrome

Remove Bing from chrome:

Step 1: Open chrome and Click on 3 dots on top right side of chrome browser.

Step 2: Click on settings.


Step 3: On left side menu -> Click on search engine.

Step 4: In search engine options ->change search engine used in address bar to google by using drop down.

Step 5: After changing go ahead and close chrome browser.

That’s it, this is how remove Bing from chrome and change default search engine from Bing to google.

Remove Bing from chrome completely:

Step 1: Click on 3 dots on right top corner of chrome browser -> Click on settings

Step 2: Click on search engine option on left side menu ->Click on Manage search engine

Step 3: In Default search engine section->Search for Bing search engine

Step 4: Click on 3 dots and click on remove Bing from search engine.

That’s it, this is how you remove Bing from chrome completely.

Why Bing Redirects to Bing Seach engine in chrome?

Software’s installed on your computer makes google browser to redirect your search to Bing and when you install software’s on your computer it will prompt you to set Bing as default search engine.

Remove Bing from chrome browser?

Open google chrome ->Settings->Click on Search engine->Using drop down change it to by using drop down.