How to Clear chrome DNS cache


Google chrome will be having internal host cache and you can clear DNS cache and flush DNS cache using command line. If you are using google chrome browser and chrome is not responding or chrome keeps saying chrome browser become unresponsive, blank screen or chrome browser is hanging often, then you need to clear chrome DNS cache, so lets see in detail how to clear chrome DNS cache inn detail.

how to clear Clear chrome DNS cache

Clear chrome DNS Cache Using Command Line

Note: You can execute ipconfig /flushdns multiple times as well to clear DNS cache.

That’s it, this is how you clear chrome DNS cache and once you hit enter your windows IP configuration successfully flushes DNS Resolver cache.

Clear Chrome DNS Cache by net internals DNS

You can also clear cache by net internals by accessing this url: chrome://net-internals/#dns, go ahead and copy and paste this chrome://net-internals/#dns in url bar and press enter and click on clear host cache.

Clear net internals sockets Pools DNS

If clearing host cache using net command line and net internals then you need to clear sockets as well once you clear chrome DNS cache using net internals, so go ahead and copy and paste this chrome://net-internals/#sockets in chrome URL bar and click on flush Socket pools button.

Why to clear Chrome DNS Chrome

If you cant access google chrome or chrome keeps crashing when ever you open or you are unable to open chrome then you need to clear chrome internal DNS host cache to get access and open chrome browser again without any issues.

Clear chrome DNS cache?

Open command prompt with administrative privileges->Execute ipconfig /flushdns and hit enter.

Clear Chrome net internal DNS?

Open google chrome browser and copy this ->chrome://net-internals/#dns and enter in url bar and press enter and click on clear host button.

Clear net internal socket pools in chrome?

Copy this -> chrome://net-internals/#sockets and paste in chrome url bar and click on flush socket pools.

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