How to Activate and Use Bixby on Samsung Smart TV

How to Activate and Use Bixby on Samsung Smart TV:

Bixby allows you to use your Samsung smart tv using voice commands technology which is used in Samsung smart tv which is a virtual assistant and also home controls by using voice command and lets users control Samsung smart tv by using voice commands and you can activate easily by following few steps below.

Note: Bixby is available only when the TV is connected to Internet.

How to Activate Bixby on Samsung smart tv:

Step 1: Grab your remote and press microphone button to access Bixby

Note: Press the microphone button once to bring up Bixby on your smart tv and explore now to experience new things.

Step 2: Press and hold microphone button on your remote and say your command.

Step 3: Once you say command release the button.

Once you press and hold it activates Bixby on Samsung Smart tv.

Step 1: Hold microphone button on your remote and say open Bixby settings.


Step 2: You can change your Available desired language from here.

Step 3: You can also change voice style as well and change privacy setting as well.

Step 4: Ask Bixby how is the weather and your Samsung smart tv will display weather inf right on your Samsung smart tv

Use Bixby on Samsung Smart TV:

Press and hold microphone and says open YouTube and release the button, your Bixby virtual assistant will open YouTube on your Samsung smart tv.

You can also ask what time is it and releasee the button, Bixby will display time on your Samsung smart tv.


You can also set a sleep timer for 10 minutes or 20 minutes by pressing microphone on Samsung smart tv remote and once you says release button and your timer will be set.

You can also increase volume by saying volume 12 or preferred volume and Bixby will set it for you.


Bixby Commands on Samsung Smart tv:

“Hi Bixby, show me today’s weather.”

“Hi Bixby, show me tomorrow’s weather.”

“Hi Bixby, do I need an umbrella tomorrow morning?”

“Hi Bixby, how tall is Mount Everest?”

“Hi Bixby, how do you spell restaurant?”

“Hi Bixby, what sound does a cat make?”

“Hi Bixby, what’s my battery level?”

“Hi Bixby, listen to today’s news.”

“Hi Bixby, what’s on my calendar today?”

“Hi Bixby, add an event on Monday at 7 am.”


What is Bixby?

Bixby is a virtual assistant of Samsung smart tv and helps users to interact with their Samsung smart tv using Bixby.

How to use Bixby on Samsung Smart tv?

By pressing and holding microphone button on your remote and say open YouTube, it will open YouTube on your Samsung smart tv.

How to activate Bixby on Samsung smart tv?

Press and hold to active Bixby on Samsung smart tv.