How to Install Windows 10

Upgrade/Install Windows 10 on Your Computer

The first thing you need to do before installing windows 10 on your computer and whether you get your copy of Windows 10 with a glossy and light weighted new PC  or Laptop, or on a software subscription package from Microsoft, you have to install it. Moreover to replace an previous version of Windows on your computer or when something goes wrong unexpectedly with your computer or laptop and stops working normally.

Installing Windows 10 can be done justly simple if you follow instructions correctly or it will show you hell when working with your computer or it may completely doesn’t work if impartially installed.

How to Install Windows 10 on Your Computer:

First thing you need to o is back up your files and lets see how to back up your files now to be safe if something goes wrong while installing windows 10.

Keep all your files backup and documents complete to guarantee this up do date backup of all your files and documents before starting and copy all C drive files (windows operations system was installed) and copy all this in separate hard drive or external usb drive before starting installation.

How to Install Windows 10 on an Existing Computer:

Its most common question asked when migrating from one version of Windows to another is whether to do an upgrade over an previously existing copy or totally streak the old installation and start from scratch.

If you already have Windows 10 installed and you need to reinstall it or you can download the latest Windows 10 media creation tool from official website. You are asked if you want to use the tool to do an in-place upgrade on the current PC or create installation media for another PC.


The other option allows you to create a Windows installer that can be used to reinstall Windows 10 on your current PC too, which is useful and anything go wrong and Windows becomes unbootable sometimes.


Next you will be asked to choose the language and which edition to choose like windows home or windows pro and choose the 32-bit or 64-bit edition of windows operating system.


Which operating system version to download while installing windows 10:

 Open the Settings app and then Click SystemAbout in Windows, open the Control Panel and click System.

Now choose media you want to create, You can create a USB flash drive and you will be in need of at least 3GB or the other option is, if you desire to download ISO file to burn to DVD later An ISO file is a DVD disc image that contains the Windows 10 installer. You can download this and keep it safe to burn to a DVD should you need it. If you think you might not have a DVD disc burner available when you need to install (or reinstall) Windows 10 and it’s probably best to create a USB flash drive.

How to Clean install Windows 10 on Your Computer:

To accomplish a fresh and clean installation of Windows 10, first you need to start your computer from the boot media that you created by USB flash drive. You may need to enter the boot menu of your computer by the F12 key start from the media that you have inserted.

Step 2: When Windows installer starts, you will be asked to select and enter language and country you want to install. Click Next when you have selected the appropriate options.

Step 3: Youwill be prompted with next screen follow onscreen instructions for your installations which suits you and this is important because windows will be installing on your computer.

Step 4: Click the Install now button in the center.

Step 5: On next screenyou will be asked for your Windows product key and you can click Skip at this step.

Step 6: You may be asked which edition of Windows 10 you are installing, Home or Pro. Check the version you have purchased or that you installed on the PC previously.

Step 7: After accepting terms and conditions now you will be able to upgrade your copy of Windows to Windows 10 through the bootable installer without your software and apps installed and installation of Windows 10. It also places your old installation, complete with all of your files, in a windows.old folder so that you can recover them later if needed.

Step 8: Now choose clean installation of Windows 10 and click Custom: Install Windows only (advanced).

Step 9:  Now you willbeaccessible with a list of hard disks and partitions in your computer, on which you can install Windows 10.

Step 10: Now from here installation is completely automated from here until Windows 10 is completely installed. and you will be asked to choose the color scheme for Windows and to either log in to the computer with a Microsoft account or to create an account.

Step 11:  Your windows 10 installation will be  completed and log in to windows computer.