Google Chrome stops responding and Keeps Crashing and Extension: Doesn’t Respond


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When you are constantly working on google chrome and suddenly with all tabs open in google chrome stops responding with your browser or with the browser extensions and you can fix this issue of google chrome stops responding or keeps on crashing without unistalling google chrome itself and there are simple and easy methods and just reinstalling it however if you don’t personally want to do that coz you have setup everything from the start and you will loose data.

 Google chrome stops responding and keeps crashing

Step 1: Open Star menu and type in chrome.

VD - Disabled

open-chrome-Google Chrome stops responding-crashes

Step 2: Right click and open file location. (chrome file location will be open in new file explorer window)

Step 3: You will see google chrome shortcut in that particular folder.

Step 4: Right click on google chrome shortcut folder and select properties.


Step 5: Now you want to go to where this is the target over here and use your arrow keys to get all way over past the last quotation mark.


 Step 6: Now you want to do a space one time after the quotation mark and then type -no-sandbox and continue. (You will need administrative permissions).

Step 7: If you have any  shortcut on desktop or taskbar unpin them.

Step 8:  Again Go back to Start Menu and type in chrome, right click pin to taskbar this time.

Step 9: We have basically reset it and now open chrome browser.

Without uninstalling and installing you can do this and make your chrome browser work properly again if your chrome stops responding or crashes.

Other methods to fix Google chrome stops responding or crashes:

There are several other methods to do in which few of them are below:

Restart the computer and after restarting run for a malware and if found remove.

News Added Chrome Extension or Chrome extension Problem:

Restart the computer and remove recently added or installed extension on your chrome browser or any recently added extensions added to your chrome browser without your knowledge.

Recently Installed Software:

If you have installed any software on windows few of the software take control over your browser and also adds few of the malware will be added automatically.

Ad Injection in Google Chrome browser:

If you have installed new software few of the software will be adding new extension by injection ads or ad injection and keeps on opening the ad when you try to open chrome browser which makes them

how do i fix google chrome not responding

Restart computer and run malware and fix issues or reinstalling chrome will also fix with other tweaks removing virus.

Uninstalling or installing helps google chrome freezing, stops responding or hangs

If nothing helps fixing issues reinstall google chrome and scan for malware will fix issues.

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