How to Use CHKDSK command in windows and its Uses?

What is chkdsk?

Chkdsk is short form of checkdisk in windows 10, windows 7 and it is available in all windows operating systems. CHKDSK is very useful system tool in windows to check a disk and chkdsk is a DOS command and chkdsk displays only the status of the volume and it does not fix errors and chkdsk command is an external dos command and chkdsk command is used to get information and performance report of a particular drive.

CHKDSK command is used to and What is use of CHKDSK command:

If you are working on any drive on your computer and you want to check the size of the disk or to check how many total number of files in that particular drive and the amount of free space on that particular drive and also checks the file utilities as well and to check the information of the particular drive chkdsk command is used and it will analyse the entire hard drive information and gets the information for you by using chkdsk command.

How to Use CHKDSK in windows:

Step 1 – Press command and windows key

command plus windows key to use chkdsk from command prompt

Step 2 – It will open run (command prompt)


Step 3 – Then in run type cmd and press enter.


Step 4 – It will open your command line tool on windows where you can use chkdsk command and retrieve the information.

Step 5 – In Command line type chkdsk and press enter. You are in C drive now.

Step 6 – You will be now seeing a message “The type of the file system is NTFS” and it will scan the entire drive and it will retrieve and show the result after scanning.

Step 7 – This might take a little bit of time to process chkdsk when you run depending up on your drive and computer and it will show you all the storage information in KB only.

What information will be displayed by using chkdsk?

Chkdsk command is used here and the following information will be displayed

  • 100000 KB total disk space
  •  100000 KB in 8000 files
  • 10000 KB in 800 indexes
  • 0 KB in bad sections
  • 10000 KB is used by in System
  • 70000 KB is occupied by the log file
  • 1000 KB is available on disk.
  • 4089 bytes in each allocation unit.
  • 1234934 total allocation units on disk
  • 234904 total allocation units available on disk

If you want to check or run chkdsk on C drive go to C drive and run the chkdsk, if you want to run in D drive then go to D drive and run chkdsk command and it will scan and gives you the results of particular drive performance and report of that drive.

How do I run chkdsk from command prompt?

Open command prompt and type chkdsk and press enter.

Does chkdsk delete files?

chkdsk is used to check the information only, it will not delete files when you run chkdsk or use chkdsk, it will scan and display information

Does chkdsk repair files?

When you run chkdsk it will scan you drive and almost in many case it will automatically fix corrupt files, but not in all cases.

How much time it takes if i run chkdsk

chkdsk performs scans and it may take some time to process depending up on the information and size of the hard disk and any files corrupted, it gets a little time.