How to Fix Windows 11 Freezes & Unresponsive When IDLE

If your windows 11 computer is freezing and unresponsive in idle mode or computer gets frozen and unresponsive and when you try to get back to work after idle mode and windows cannot boot or slow or laggy or screen flickering issues or any other windows 10 errors then you need to follow these simple steps to get rid of the issue. So, let’s see in detail  below.

Fix Windows 11 Freezes & Unresponsive in IDLE Mode

Below methods will help you get rid of windows 11 freezes and unresponsive issues.

Disable APPs From Startup in Task Manager

Step 1: Right click on windows taskbar and select task manager or you can press control + Shift + Escape Key on your windows 11 computer which brings up windows task manager.

Step 2: Select Startup Tab in Task manager

Step 3: Disable the apps which are using too much memory on your windows 11 startup that is when windows 10 is booting up.

Step 4: Click on the apps or software’s which you don’t want to boot on startup and disable programs from startup.

Step 5: To disable apps from startup -> Select the app and click on disable on bottom of the task manger window

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Stop Apps Running in Background

Step 1: In windows search type in apps and features and open it.

Step 2: Scroll down and you will see all the apps which are running in background.

Step 3: Now, go ahead and clear out all unused applications from here.

Adjust Appearance and performance of Windows 

Step 1: In windows 11 search type in adjust appearance and performance and open these settings.

Step 2: Now click on Radio button side to Adjust for best performance.

Step 3: Click Apply and ok.

Control Panel and Change Power Plan Settings

Step 1: In windows 11 search control panel and open it.

Step 2: Set your view by to largeicon in control panel.

Step 3: Select Power Options

Step 4: Now, select high performance and apply changes and ok and exit all windows

Run sfc Scannow

Step 1: In windows search type in command prompt and open command prompt as administrator.

Step 2: Now, in command prompt type in sfc /scanow and wait for the scan to complete.

Once the scan completes, it will fix all corrupted files and when you will not face issues like computer restarts on its own or windows 11 computer freezing or unresponsive issue.

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