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How to fix Laptop screen flickering on Window 10/11

In windows 10 if your laptop screen is flickering this can be due to incompatibility display drivers or LCD or LED display problem, graphic card issue or any display chipset issue to fix screen flickering or blinking screen off and on repeatedly when you use your computer and this issues can be fixed by updating your display drivers which are compatible with your windows 10 computer. Let’s see in detail how to fix screen flickering issue on windows 10 and for more troubleshoot check here.

How to fix laptop screen flickering issue in windows 10

  1. Go to the search bar and search for the control panel.
  2.  Click on the control panel app.
  3. Then you need to find the power option
  4. Choose the power option after opening the power options.
  5. So you have to choose what kind of plan you are having . Then choose a plan then click on the  change plan Settings.
  6. click the restore default Settings for this plan for this plan.
  7. So you have to click restore default after that you just have to close out.
  8. Then you have to make sure the resolution for your laptop screen is right so click on it and you have to go to the display settings option.
  9. After opening the display Settings option you have to choose the right display resolution for your laptop screen so you have to choose the recommended option her so if you do not have the recommended option  here you have to choose recommended which is mine for 360 and 768 so it might be different for you so after choosing recommended option here just close out of here.
  10.  Then what you have to do is Update your graphics driver  so it might be the issue sometimes the laptop screen is flickering so you just have to go to the star menu again and right click on it.
  11. Then go to the device manager option and click on device manager. After opening the device manager, You have to choose the display adapter option.  Go to the driver option.
  12.  Now you have to Update driver.
  13. For that you need to check the internet on your device.
  14. So click on update driver. Choose the search automatically for Update driver software so click on it.
  15. it will search your online the perfect driver for your graphics card. After updating your graphics card.
  16. You need to restart your computer again and try to see if that helps your skin fickling issue. So if that doesn’t work for you the last thing you need to do is. Go to the device manager and driver.

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Uninstall and reinstall graphic card drivers to fix screen flickering issue

The problem somewhere is your graphics card driver is not installed properly. So what you need to do is uninstall devices here. Uninstall your graphics driver. So click on the uninstall device you just need to click uninstall and remember. Don’t check the delete driver software for your device. Telling again don’t check that delete, that the driver software. So it will delete the driver for you. So you just have to uninstall and it will uninstall driver. After uninstalling the driver you just need to restart your computer again and it will reinstall your graphics card. And see if your windows 10 windows 10 or laptop is critically flickering is solved.

Why is my laptop screen is flickering?

This is due to corrupted or outdated display drivers. Graphic card issues, faulty hardware or chip-set issues which cause your laptop screen flickering and display on and off occasionally.

How to fix Laptop screen flickering Dell?

Go ahead and update your display drivers and reinstall display drivers.

Laptop screen flickering Lenovo?

Download the display drivers from official lenovo website and update display drivers of lenovo laptop will fix lenovo laptop screen flickering issue.

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