8 Steps to take screenshot on windows 10 with snip and sketch

8 Steps to take screenshot on windows 10 with snip and sketch

In Today’s world there are many reasons a user might want to take a screenshot of his or her computer on windows 10 and windows 10 makes it much easier taking screenshot on windows 10 with snip and sketch on windows computer.

Windows 10 Snip and Sketch Tool:

The New Snip and Sketch, will eventually completely replace the old windows snipping tool, includes a few more extra features which will help windows user to easily capture  and annotate screenshots on your computer and then save them or share them with others.

How to Taking Screenshot on windows 10 with Snip and Sketch:

What ever the reasons of taking screenshot on windows the new snipping tool allows you do exactly that much and more explained in steps below to take screenshot on windows 10 with snip and sketch:


Step 1: There are  couple of different ways to open the snip and sketch tool but there no dedicated keyboard shortcut till now provided by Microsoft. You can open the app by start menu and searching for screen snip from quick action panel.

Step 2: If you open screen snip tool, it will open as blank window with a variety of buttons along the top for editing or writing text on captured images. The new button takes you to snipping mode, if you open the tools using quick action it goes straight to snipping mode.

Step 3: Click the new button to begin snipping. The screen will darken and you will see a small toolbar appear at the top. From the left to right, the tools here are rectangular clip and full screen clip. Lets start with the most useful of the three, the rectangular clip tool.

click on new to take a new snip

Step 4: Move the + Cursor to the corner of the area you want to capture and click and hold the left mouse or trackpad button. Drag the cursor down and you will see the capture are highlighted. When you have the correct area of the screen highlighted release the mouse button to snip.

Step 5: The Captured image will now appear in the previously blank snip and sketch window. If the image is all you need, you can simple click and save the button in the top right and choose where you want to store the image. You can also make a copy of the image here and also share the image vie email, skype etc..

After taking screenshot with snip and sketch tool window
Above screen will appear after taking screenshot with snip and sketch tool

Step 6: To Capture a frame screenshot, open the snipping mode again and click the second of the tools at the top. You can now use the mouse to draw around the area you want to capture an cutting out of shape you want.

Step 7: In the top middle of the snip and sketch window there is a set of editing tools as well you can use them to alter the captured image which also gives you ability to write and draw on the captured screenshot with snip and sketch tool in windows 10 and also crop the captured image down to size.

Step 8: Click on any of the pencil tools to select them and then click again to open an additional tools menu. This menu will let you change the colour of the pen or pencil and also change the thickness of the line to draw by using the slider from the menu panel of snip and sketch tool.

By following above 8 steps you will be able to take screenshot on windows 10 with snip and sketch