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How to Fix Vizio TV HDMI Ports Not Working

  • To fix vizio smart tv hdmi ports not working -> you need to power reset vizio tv by unplugging power cable and wait for 60 seconds and plug back power cable and then turn on vizio smart tv.
  • Check whether your hdmi cables are connected properly without any loose connections and check with faulty or damaged hdmi cables.
  • Clean your hdmi ports and reset hdmi ports and perform factory reset and if the hdmi port itself got damaged then contact vizio tv support.

On your vizio smart tv if you are having issues with hdmi ports and when you plug in hdmi ports and you are getting to see no signal error on vizio smart tv or vizio smart tv keeps sayings no signal on your vizio smart tv then you can fix this issue of hdmi ports not working or no signal issue easily. So, let’s see in detail below.

vizio tv hdmi will not work if hdmi cables are not connected properly and having loose connections or if you hdmi cables gets damaged or faulty and  if your hdmi port itself gets damaged or if vizio tv input settings and not selected properly, checking with different input source and connected hdmi to another hdmi port number.

Vizio TV HDMI Ports Not Working or Not Signal

Below vizio smart tv troubleshooting methods will help you get rid of hdmi ports not working issue or no signal with damaged or loose connection hdmi cables.

Unplug Vizio Smart tv and Power Reset

Step 1: Turn on vizio smart tv and then unplug power cable of vizio smart tv from wall socket

Step 2: Now, you need to wait for 60 seconds and then plug back vizio smart tv power cable back.

Step 3: Turn on your vizio smart tv and wait for it reboot or restart.

Once you perform this power reset or soft reset method, then any issue regarding software or any technical glitches on your vizio smart tv or any power fluctuation issues will be fixed successfully and you hdmi ports not working issue will be resolved.

Check HDMI Port Number

Sometimes, you may be plugged in your cable to hdmi port 1 and you are checking or selecting the source of hdmi 2 and you will see no signal as there is no hdmi port connected to hdmi 2 and the cable is connected to hdmi port 1. SO, go ahead and cross check with the correct hdmi port number on back of your vizio smart tv.

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Loose Cable Connections

If your hdmi cables connected to hdmi ports are loose and not well connected and having improperly to the hdmi port, then your hdmi ports will not work and disconnected and reconnect your hdmi cables to hdmi port properly and make sure they are well inserted into hdmi port tightly without any loose connections.

Clean your HDMI Ports

Using soft cloth or toothbrush or by using cotton buds you need to clean hdmi ports, sometimes if your vizio smart tv hdmi ports are covered with dust on back of vizio tv then hdmi ports will not work properly. So, clean your hdmi ports with cotton buds or cleaning brush and clean hdmi ports and insert hdmi cable.

Check for Damaged or Faulty Cables

If your hdmi cable itself becomes faulty and damaged then you can experience hdmi ports not working issue on vizio smart tv. So, Grab another hdmi cable and plug it with the new cable and see if the issues is resolved.

HDMI Port itself Got Damaged

If your hdmi port itself got damaged and having issue with hardware related then you need to contact vizio tv support and get your hdmi port replaced.

Why does my Vizio keep saying no signal?

If your vizio smart tv keep saying no signal that means your hdmi cables are having loose connections and not properly inserted and if you have plugged in hdmi cable to hdmi port 1 and you are selecting input source 2 then it says no signal as the hdmi cable plugged in is hdmi 1 and you need to check with correct input source or faulty cables or hdmi port hardware issue.


Why Are None of the HDMI Ports Working on My TV?

Disconnect and reconnect your hdmi cables and try with other hdmi cables, sometimes hdmi cables become faulty and cables are damaged – try with new hdmi cables.

Vizio tv All HDMI ports Not Working

If cables are damaged or plugged in loosely or hdmi ports itself got damaged try connecting with different hdmi cables on vizio smart tv to fix hdmi ports not working on vizio tv issue.

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