Why is My Netgear Keeps Disconnecting WIFI – Quick Fix Guide

  • Due to Wireless name SSID or Weak wifi signal and if you are running older netgear firmware update then update netgear to latest version.

If your Netgear router keeps disconnecting wifi then there is an issue with weak wifi signal causing wifi connectivity issues or there might be a problem with your wifi network name (SSID) and it may be due to outdated drivers and update network drivers to latest version on your windows 11 or 10 computer.

Netgear Keeps Disconnecting WIFI

Change Netgear Network Name SSID in Router Settings and Password

Step 1: Open web browser on computer or mobile

Step 2: In url bar type and access router login page

Step 3: Enter username and password and by default username will be admin and password is the one that you set when setting up a netgear router.

Step 4: Now, once you logged in the netgear dashboard -> Click on wireless option on left side menu.

Step 5: On the right side under wireless Network, change the name of your wireless Name (SSID) and enter a new SSID Name.

Step 6: Change password and keep a new password for your wireless network name ssid here and click on Apply on top.

Step 7: Now, go ahead and connect to the wifi network on your windows laptop or mac using new wifi username and new password.

That’s it, once you change wireless name ssid to new one and set up a new password then your issue of netgear keeps disconnecting wifi connection issue will be resolved.

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Update Netgear wifi Router

If you are running older netgear firmware update then you need to update netgear firmware update and fix netgear router wifi disconnecting issues.

Step 1: Open web browser (routerlogin com)and access netgear Login to netgear router dashboard.

Step 2: Now, click on Advanced tab on Top

Sep 3: if you see a new netgear firmware is available then click on i icon and update netgear router to latest version.

Once you update the router firmware to the latest version, then you wont experience any issue if the netgear router keeps disconnecting wifi.

Weak Wifi Signal 

A weak wifi signal will lead to frequent or randomly wifi disconnectivity issues and you need to strengthen your wifi signal and place your router close to the wifi connecting devices and check with wifi signal strength.

Netgear Keeps Disconnecting On windows 11 or 10 Computer

Update network Drivers

Step 1: Open device manager on Windows 11 or 10 computer.

Step 2: Expand network Adaptors

Step 3: Right Click on Netgear Adaptor and select properties.

Step 4: Click on the Advanced tab on top. 

Step 5: Select Max USB Speed and select Value USB 3.0 or 2.0 depending on your windows computer.

Now, once you change this netgear max usb speed then go ahead and connect netgear wifi to computer and it will connect and netgear keeps disconnecting wifi issue will be resolved.

Restart Router

Sometimes, due to technical software glitches or software related issues, you can experience this issue of wifi router netgear keeps connecting and disconnecting issue and you need to restart or reset netgear router.

Simply unplug netgear router connected to wall socket power cable and wait for 10 seconds and then plug netgear router plugin and turn on router and then connect to wifi network on your computer or iphone or android or laptop.

5ghz WIFI Keeps Dropping Netgear

If netgear keeps dropping wifi signal on 5Ghz connection then you need to login to netgear router settings and change wifi signal strength from 5Ghz to 2.4Ghz and downgrade netgear firmware and reset netgear router will fix wifi keeps dropping with 5GHz and all devices may not be compatible with 5Ghz signal strength and you will experience wifi keeps disconnecting with 5Ghz.

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