10 Best Alternative Virtual Games like IMVU

What is IMVU Game?

IMVU is a gigantic digital space where lot of people can login into their virtual avatars only instead of going on wild adventure slaying dragons or collecting epic swords and in imvu it just seems like a bunch of people hanging out in bars offices galleries normal places it makes you wonder.

Virtual worlds are as much a social movement as they are a gaming experience some might even argue that virtual worlds aren’t even games at all but chatting clients immersive chatting clients these worlds allow us to connect to one another exploring and discovering together while transcending age language and culture in IMVU by contrast allows users to not only create their own avatars but also shape and create the world they’re in importing their own 3d assets and modifying the world around them if you let users make whatever they want they’ll make a lot of sex stuff it’s rule 34 the Internet and there’s nothing wrong with that.

it’s Fun to find enjoyment in whatever you’re doing relief from life relief when life becomes stressful some might even say an escape from the oppression of reality in a virtual world like in boo the player has control

If you are a game lover then there is no game like IMVU game in market but there are alternative games that you can look forward to play if you are a hard core gamer of IMVU. IMVU Games is based on adult social networking game which allows you to  create avatar and chat, message and even create separate rooms in IMVU. So lets see the best alternative games like IMVU.

Best Alternative Games like IMVU:

  1. Avakin Life 3D Virtual world:
  2. Ava land
  3. Virtual Sim Story:
  4. Club Cooee
  5. Party in my Dorm
  6. Woozworld
  7. Hotel Hideway
  8. Home street
  9. The sims Freeplay
  10. Kim Kardashian Hollywood

We made the list for you with top 10 mobile games similar to imvu disclaimer the games are arranged in a particular order and choose which one is the best alternative game like imvu. If you found a better game that being said then let us know.

10) Avakin Life

You can try Avakin life as the alternative game like imvu which lets you find your choice in second life and make friends, build your world, activities,

9) Ava Land:

Ava land lets you experience the same like create your new self how do your look and build the perfect home and play with friends, develop your café, find your perfect look by customization options, chat and party and dance all night, meet your soulmate.

8) Virtual Sim Story:

Virtual sim story is another alternative game like IMVU which comes with the same features, build home with endless customization, explore the open world, adapt dream pets, choose your dream career and soul mate with virtual sim party.

7) Club Cooee

Club cooee is a virtual 3d game like imvu comes with avatar, chat, party and make friends, hang on with friends and freak out with the and dance all night in second life.

6) Party in My Dorm:

Party in my dorm is a college life roleplay chat game and you can do more with this 3d app party in my dorm app.

5) WoozWorld:

Wooz World which is a fashion and fame MMO also a best alternative game like IMVU. Wooz World allows you monthly event themes, create a stylish avatar of your own style, build custom units for events and become the next top model and allows weekly new clothes to customize and comments on your friends fashion, play together on your phone, tablet and pc.

4) Hotel hideaway:

Hotel Hideaway allows you to join the fun in rooms and party all night, create your own avatar with tons of customization options, interact with gestures, create a room with your own style and decorations and you can download it here.

3) Home street:

Home street is a home design game like Imvu, you can decorate your home, adapt a puppy, start renovation, design your own character, make awesome friends, play amazing events.

2) Sims Freeplay:

Sims freeplay allows you to unlock luxury penthouse living, watch sims baby bump grow, fall in love, create your family with stunning graphics and more.

1) Kim Kardashian Hollywood:

Kim Kardashian hollywood stands at number one alternative game like IMVU and its totally fun if you are a IMVU lover with thousands of designer looks newly added every week, data and marry the love of your life, prepare a dream home, choose your pets from over 30 animal collections and dress up your pets. Style icon actor, fashion mogul, rule the red carpet, new stories added every weekend, message and chat, party all night with kims look and many other awesome features available on Kim Kardashian Hollywood app mobile gaming universe please don’t break your phone.

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