How Headsets Used in Virtual Reality and its Stereoscopic

How Headset Devices Used in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a simulated environment that can simulate physical presence in places in the real world or imagine world. Virtual reality (VR) technology is evolving rapidly, making it precarious to define VR in terms of exact devices that may drop out of favor in a year or two.

Stereoscopic Display

Headset devices use stereoscopic display to make what you see three dimensional and give depth to the image you are looking at a kind of a eyes your eyes see anyways, however stereoscopic display is not an immersive experience make the ability to track a motion particularly there head and eye movements allows the image displayed actually change with your perspective, so if user turn the head to the left the display will render whatever is on your left in that environment.

Sensor Simulation in Virtual Reality

Besides vision certain VR experiences will also include other sensory stimulation like sound even tangible feedback for the touch. And lastly in order to truly adjust the perception of our realism there has to be a certain equal of virtual interactivity.

True interactivity should allow a certain degree of user controlled navigation so user should be able to walk forward and backward or turn through space in the virtual environments that a user don’t feel like user watching an decorative 3d movie, when we are freely transfer with in that environment and even interact with things in it our brain truly perceive that world is real and as a consequence virtual reality.

Virtual reality has a lot of practical commitments outside of gaming and has been used for training simulators for soldier’s, pilots and doctors but it is pretty cool for gaming too.

Virtual Reality Hardware Devices Improved:

Hardware devices like the oculus rift have advanced the VR experience by including the superior graphics improved latency and wider range of motion and it reduce costs of components are also allowing virtual reality devices to become more affordable for consumers.

The Tricks of Virtual Reality:

Virtual reality is basically a little trick a little artificial working together, the hardware aims to deceive your brain into thinking that your body is in entirely different place and a key part of making it work is the concept of existence or the extent that you feel, sense like you are in the virtual environment rather than your physical one.

You can keep it this way for more simple, if you are watching a 3d picture show in the cinema say Jurassic Park you are immersed in the involvement just as long as you are looking next to the screen move your head to the side and you swiftly remember that you are not on the park of dinosaur’s and instead you are in the local center of the world.

So in order to keep you immersed in the experience the trick starts by blocking or overcrowding of your actual surroundings sense that big headset and pair of headphones, inside the headset at two screens with a field of view or vision of 110 degrees meaning that there is no edge of the movie screen influence in your peripheral vision each screen displays a slightly different image for the each eye this is a trick called stereoscopy.

Try And Focus Now

Try it now, focus now on an object now close your left eye open it and close your right eye, here, notice how the object moved to the side ever so slightly, well with both eyes open your clever brain merges the two inputs to create one image.

In VR two slightly offset images are shown to your eyes and the brain does the rest.

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