What Is Augmented Reality How It Works And Its Concepts

What is Augmented Reality

It is the ability to insert an overlay of digital and virtual information in to a real world.

Overlaid appearance of a virtual world inserted into your real world. Any device with a camera and the ability to run some sort of software, app, etc. can run AR, Games, Animation, Video, Advertisements, Tickets, vouchers, recipes,. Anything fairly can come to existence.

Augmented Reality offers the magic effect of mixing the physical world with the virtual world and fetches applications from your screen into your hands.

Augmented Reality redefines advertising and gaming as well as education in an extremely new way, it will become a technology that needs to be become proficient at by mobile application developers.

As of now and in future we can see the practically implement sensor-based and computer vision-based Augmented Reality applications on Android and as well as ios devices.

Augmented Reality Concepts

Augmented Reality (AR) offers us a new way to interact with the physical (or real) world.

It creates a modified version of our reality, improved with digital (or virtual) information, on the screen of your desktop computer or mobile device. Integration and combining the virtual and the real can influence a totally new range of user experience, going elsewhere what common apps are accomplished of.

What is augmented in Augmented Reality (AR)? What forms of augmentation do exist?

In existing AR literature, we can find different views on the matter. AR can be understood as an environment in which virtual and real elements appear to coexist.

The scale ranges from purely virtual environments to entirely real environments. AR is positioned within this scale and describes an else real environment that is augmented by virtual objects. AR as a field that lets the user to see the real world, with virtual objects covered upon or composited with the real world.

How Augmented Reality Works

Augmented Reality works with App and Smartphone camera sensors combine reality with virtual overlays.

  •  When readers hold the phones in front of a paper or any object.
  •  Augmented Reality APP searches for the images and the text on a server.
  •  App validates image and send back the associated content.

Augmented reality mostly used for consumers, promotion and project explanation process and now a days it has rapid growth and we can see that the future.

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