What is Google Cloud Load Balancer and How It Works:


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What is Google Cloud Load Balancer(GCPLB):

Google cloud load balancer is completely different from other physical machines it deals with virtual machines, instances, cloud CDN network traffic, its CPU with 12 cores, health checks, memory usages and many things going beyond which makes everyone in a state of confusion when a person eagerly tries to find out how Google cloud load balancer architecture works. Google cloud load balancing enables your application or a website to scale from zero to full throttle and smoother with no pre warming considered necessary as per requirement based on your application.

How Google cloud Load Balancer works:

Google cloud load balancer can distribute your load balancing compute resources in a single or multiple regions close to your users and it allows your high availability requirements. Cloud load balancing puts your resources behind a single any IP and allows you to scale your resources up and down with intelligent auto scaling. Google cloud load balancer gives complete control with smoothness and ease and it can also work with scaling or without auto scaling. To keep it simple in the context and making it simple to understand and its literal usage of Google cloud load balancer architecture and benefits of Google cloud load balancer mainly depends on auto scaling increases and decrease of servers which are in a group with multiple IP addresses which automatically makes smoother with health checks.

Google cloud takes incoming traffic and distributes across number serves Google cloud Load Balancer acts as a single end point to serve traffic apart from how many servers are behind it and it’s like one IP address but there are many servers running behind load balancer.

Google cloud load balancing acts as a wall between your main servers and makes a request to your servers and it will not allow your server to crash with its instances created if you have 2 instances with 2 servers running behind the load balancer with huge requests to the server with huge traffic on a website if load balancer sends requests to both the servers which are behind load balancer and if one server is over loaded with full of requests then load balancer stops sending request to that server and it sends requests to the other server which is not overloaded and sends the requested data back to the user. During this process load balancer will not let your server crash at any time with smooth and ease not making your users get irritated with any server crash issues.

Google cloud Load balancer supports with HTTP, HTTPS, TCP, UDP

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