What Is Virtual Reality?

What Is Virtual Reality: How It Works With Display Methods And Types

Virtual Reality:

Virtual reality (VR) is a powerful technology that abilities to change our lives unlike any other. By artificially stimulating our senses, A persons body becomes tricked into believing another version of reality. VR is like a waking dream that could take place in a magical cartoon like world, or can transport us to another part of the Earth or universe.

What Is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is fully immersive computer simulated environment that gives the user the feeling of that being in that environment and instead of the one they are actually in.

At Low Cost Extreme Enjoyment, Hype and Excitement of Virtual Reality:

At the same time, VR accepts the humiliation of unkept promises. The hype and enjoyment, excitement, has often extreme exceeded the delivery of VR experiences to match it, especially for people who cannot afford for the expensive laboratory equipment.

Along with college students around the world, are excitedly following the rapid advances in VR and are starting to shape it by starting new companies, working to improve the technology, and making new kinds of experiences.


Virtual Reality in Video Games:

A lot of video games have already been developed by the technology to put the user in the interactive world in the driver’s seat of a car, or on a battle field in a first person shooter or even in your own little town, however your perception of reality is not altered you are simple a spectator overseeing the events that are happening in that world.

There is a very long list of virtual reality and developers are developing rapidly as it is helping more in gaming and marketing widely and rapidly.

Display methods of Virtual Reality and Works and Types:

Below are the Display Methods of Virtual reality:

  • Simulation based VR
  • Desktop based VR
  • Projector based VR
  • Avatar Image based VR
  • True immersive Virtual Reality

How headsets are used in virtual reality and how they use stereoscopic display

There are many display methods to experience the virtual reality and one of the most used and popular way is to experience the virtual reality is through the Headset.

First Dimension:

In the first dimension, the kind of display, manufacturers typically choose between allowing the user to fall in their own smartphone and building their own virtual display into the device.

Cardboard and Samsung Gear:

Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR are typical of the smartphone approach. The big advantage of this is cost which is very low. And while expectancy may not be as good as that of the integrated headsets, and quality will always be a movable advantage, present day phones being miles better the Oculus Rift DK2, but probably not as good as CV1 for more consumers that’s more than enough.

Second Dimension:

In the second dimension, content creators usually choose between a fully-realized 3D environment or from a 2D image or video “photosphere” enfolded around the viewer.

The second dimension is about where does the source imagery in the virtual reality scene come’s from. The two ends of that are 2D imaginings transported as photospheres or 360 degree video, or modeled 3D environment’s.

In second dimension both kinds of headset can be used with both kinds of content, generating or fashioning four different major categories of virtual reality experiences.