What is Google Mobile First Indexing Update Mobile Friendly and Make Website Responsive

Mobile First Indexing:

Everyone is curious to know what is mobile first indexing which Google recently rolled out Mobile first indexing in batches not for all website mobile first indexing will be rolled out for initial roll out of Mobile first indexing ranking. Google Mobile first indexing will be doing is it will capture the mobile version content search results listings which is plenty of mobile search results happening daily using mobile and most of the websites get huge amount of traffic from mobile version only and mobile first indexing will be able to capture the desktop version of search results also which is desktop-first indexing and Google is making mobile version of the web as the primary search engine indexing crawling and want to index and results to represent the majority of users who are mobile search users this mobile first indexing is a bold move by Google to go good with Google mobile first indexing you have to go with a well optimized responsive mobile website.

Google Mobile First indexing checks the less content than their desktop version and ranks. First and foremost the visible content on mobile, desktop and AMP pages should be same as per Google only the navigational elements can be different and lower weight for tabbed content which will be hidden content below the fold.

Mobile first Indexing Content to be same use small paragraphs if your blog post consists of over 3,000 words consider using small paragraphs and infographics, screenshots and images or video they fit in mobile version very well and user experience will be good and make mobile users experience good and easy for users while they are reading your blog post.

If your website is having less content showing up rather than desktop then yes you should optimize your website and reason is the content should be same as page by page basis in Google mobile first indexing Google will be seeing only mobile version of content if there is less content Google will be seeing less content and only mobile versions will be taken into considerations for mobile first indexing and ranks may be differ.

Expandable content will be only given a boost and full weight if its done for good user experience purpose and does more sense on mobile but not in desktop. Check with fetch and render tool to completely see what your website desktop version and mobile version is showing what will be indexed from your mobile site if there is any change in content fix it and fetch and render it again and fix the issues for content in Google mobile first indexing.

If your website is well optimized for mobile and desktop version then Google will be considering mobile version of the website as the primary indexing and according you will rank in search results.

Mobile Searchers are More Than Desktop Version:

Most users are using Google on their mobile devices and mobile searchers will be happening on the go away from desktop and Google ranking systems are not based on mobile ranking systems its based around indexing and ranking signals of desktop versions. Now this is with lot of allegation turned out to be and Google is turning to be friendlier Saying don’t worry if your website is not responsive but it’s recommended to have responsive version. Google crawled the web with the desktop version of the webpage with the links from the web browser end now Google with mobile first indexing its changing the crawl methods of web from browser point of view to mobile browser view and it’s a mobile revolution now with Google mobile first indexing.

Why Mobile first Indexing?

Everyone is aware of the domination of web over mobile and now Google with mobile first indexing surprised everyone as its finding solution for the users and it’s very difficult to do but Google is doing this and how it does no one knows expect every website should be responsive with good layout and with correct canonical URLs. Don’t worry if you don’t have responsive website till now but Google will crawl your desktop version of Website if your website is not responsive and even you may fall short of ranking.

Google Mobile First Indexing with AMP Only:

If a website having desktop version and only AMP mobile friendly version, with Google Mobile first indexing will still uses and picks up the desktop version of the website for indexing even when toggle their index to the mobile first index because it isn’t a desktop version or regular mobile friendly version but will be having a ranking boost for being mobile friendly in search results. Google will be showing amp version on desktop.

Mobile First Indexing Page speed will be playing a crucial role and as per the page speed you website ranking will can be fluctuating and can be lowered in ranking. You can use Google’s page speed tool which is present in Search console.

Don’t forget to use tools provided by Google in search console when preparing your website for mobile first indexing check Mobile Friendly test and structure data tools and amp pages, fetch as mobile to see the content displaying same for mobile and desktop version.