How to fix Sony Bravia Smart TV No Picture

How to fix Sony Bravia Smart TV No Picture

  • You need to cross check whether the fault is with cable, check tv inputs, check backlight settings and other methods explained here to fix sony bravia smart tv no picture you 

When you are free and you are trying to watch your favourite  show but when you click the power button on your remote, suddenly you notice that your sony smart TV screen stays black and you are keep pressing the power button again and again but still there is no picture on your screen. Some times your sony bravia smart tv No Picture but has sound and you may also seen vertical lines or horizontal lines on sony bravia tv , So, there are few ways to learn what causing your TV screen to stay black when powered on.

How to fix Sony Bravia Smart tv No Picture

By knowing what causing sony bravia screen goes black with no picture at all and see methods below how to fix screen issues on sony tv.

Sony Bravia Smart TV No Picture

Check What Causing your TV has No Picture

First check if your remote is problem. Then try to turn ON by using the power button around the screen. If picture comes on, your remote may be the problem and see whether sony tv not turning on but red light blinking. Still there is no picture, turn the volume up and keep an ear out for what happens.

Screen of TV is Black and No Sound

You have to check LED lights or a indicator light and that tells you the TV has power or not. If there is no power to your TV,  even your TV is plugged in it means there may be an issue with fuse box or outlet in your house.

If power indicator light is ON, that means there may be an issuse with TVs software, then unplug you TV from wall and if it possible remove the power cord back from your TV to perform soft reset. After that wait for 30 seconds and plug the TV back into a working outlet to test it again.

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Check the TVs Input

If NO picture is showing on your TV screen, then connect the device to different ports on your TV, to see if the port is the issue. If the problem still exists, then try to connect another device to your TV or switch from one input setting to other.

Check HDMI Input

TV display issues can be caused by faulty HDMI cable. Even if your HDMI cable doesn’t appear any damage, it may malfunction due to short circuit or regular wear and tear. Then try to test HDMI cable on other TV to check if problem occurs. And try to use different HDMI cable or malfunctioning TV.

Check the Backlight

Usually Sony smart TV display screens are LED screens,  use a backlight to illuminate the picture. If backlight may burns out or stop working, then the picture will appear black.

If the backlight is causing the problem, ensure the TV is ON and turn OFF the light in room. Then shine a flashlight on Screen to see if there is a picture. If you are able to see a picture with flashlight, then your backlight is burn out. If it is the case you may want to consider upgrading to a new smart TV.


You have run all tests, checked all ports and ensures TV is plugged and power is ON. But still your TV screen is black, then your cost would be quite costly. Depending on condition of your TV and age the best option is to upgrade with a new television.