Fix Server Error 5xx Search Console

Fix Server Error 5xx Search Console:

In Google search console the common issues apart from 404 errors s facing the higher level error of 5xx(500) which his server error in index coverage report saying server errors 5xx in search console. Well there is very confusing and troubleshooting is very much difficult to understand why your website is unreachable for Google bot and which leading 5xx server error is. And the bad part is when search console reports 5xx error when you click on the reporting URL in search console the URL will be working fine for you.

How to fix Server Errors 5xx in search console:

To fix server errors 5xx in search console the first thing you need to do is check with your server logs and see if there are any errors try the following below to fix server error 5xx search console.

Try Fetch as Google:

Try fetch as Google of any listed or reported server 5xx error in search console and see whether the status of fetch as Google is 200 ok or any of the following error listed and verify the status. If fetch as Google returns a header status code of 200 ok response then you are fine other bad bot’s are hitting your server and causing your website slow and return a server error 5xx in search console.

Check with Server Logs:

The first thing you need to do is check with the server logs and see if there are any errors or your website is returning any errors or it is working fine.


If your firewall is blocking Google bot then there is a possibility of Google bot cannot access and cannot crawl your website.

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Hosting plays a key role and problem solving of server errors 5xx and there is a possibility of hosting as well in missconfiguring your website and badbots hitting and blocking google bot and firewall for your website security only.

Badbots Hitting:

If there are any bad bots hitting your server continuously and making your website slow and unreachable for Google when Google bot is trying to crawl and access your URL and index your website and reporting server error 5xx in search console.

Server Misconfiguration:

If there is misconfiguration of server which is leading to 5xx error and check with the cloud fare server response code if the error is 522 which says that’s a cloud fare server error misconfigured and if its 502 it is server hosted on Google cloud platform which is unable to load your website.

PHP Process List:

If your website is built with PHP then there is a possibility of PHP process list running on your server slowing down your website. To solve this list all the PHP process list and kill PHP process list and PHP script running on background.

Excessive crawling by Google BOT:

If Google bot is only slowing down your website server and causing 5xx errors there is always a possibility of changing the crawl limit of Google bot in search console. If Google bot is hitting your website hard that means it is crawling your website to index more number of pages of your website.

These are the only reasons to cause if you properly check with the server issues the server issues will be resolved and for most of the cases is it server misconfiguration and bad bots hitting your website and slowing your website.

Ramana Tula is a Google Product Expert - He is a Full stack Web and Android Developer.

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