What is Android Manifest File

What is Android Manifest File

What is Android Manifest File:

The android manifest file lets us to find our android app file structure, meta data along with its components. Below are the details of android manifest file in android studio which is declared as xml file AndroidManifest.xml this is just like a heart of your android application which tells everything about your android app and it controls and that’s why we put core permissions and etc, android manifest file connects everything through the manifest file to your android app.

Where is Android Manifest file Located in Android Studio

If we go under app its actually on the root in android project folder you will see android manifest file naming androidmanifest.xml and open it and its an xml file and contains lot of important information of your android app. Android Manifest file consist of a package attribute and we use it to upload in play store and our app name like yourandroidapp.com.testingapp and this will be a very unique name identifier.

Android Manifest File Application Tag

Then in Android manifest file we have an application tag and inside its application tag we have a lot of information about our android app. In application tag we have android allow backup = true – which means every time we run our application it backup information that’s in your application.

Android Icon in Android Manifest File:

Then we have android icon that we want to use in our application which is get from source from drawlable folder and this is how we declare image or icon from drawable folder with @drawable/ic_launcher inside your project file which goes in res folder which is a resource folder sub categorized in with drawable folder and it goes and fetches the ic_launcher image icon.


Android label in Android manifest File

In android manifest file then we have android label by which we can specify our android label or name of the android app name and this is where we declare our android app name in android manifest file and when we click on the app name which is declared it shows you the name @string/app_name which means that’s because its accessing the name which is specified in values folder string.xml file

Android Theme in Android Manifest File

In android manifest xml then we have a theme declared in android manifest file and this also goes in a same way but here the theme goes from @style/Apptheme in values folder and grabs that’s style by default and entire.

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Activity Tag in Android Manifest File

In android manifest file we have activity tag here and an activity is just the screen that you see where you can put and images, etc and all of its components or any custom screens you create and that is an activity. To think of it an activity is just your screen. If you create 2, 3 or screens in your android app that becomes you’re activity.

In android once you create an activity you need to come back here in android manifest file and specify or declare that activity in androidmanifest.xml. Since in default android app we have only one activity created here so only main activity with one screen is specified here, the name of the java file which contains activity. If you go to java files under main -> Java-> App Name folder-> MainActivity located there contains.

Intent Filters in Android Manifest File:

Android Manifest file also contains intent filers and from the mainactivity it gets the mainactivity and launches that activity and that screen, so when people open up your app that’s the first one people will be seeing. Intent filters allows you to choose the flexibility of choosing which activity to be open at first as main activity or the launcher.

Permissions in Android Manifest File:

There are many things you can do inside android manifest file you can also declare required permissions and permissions in android are security measures or if you want to access the internet or location enable then we need to add these permissions in android manifest file in android studio. When you first install the app from play store these permissions will popup when installing and the required permission we give here that we be prompted to user when he downloads this android app application.