Android P new Features

Android P Beta Devices in Depth and New Features of Android P Version:

Android P new version is out and its speculating with the next android version and its first preview version is out with interesting features with New visual things, and it will be and Android P and official name of Android P is not yet revealed it and users are guessing it to the fullest. After Android P first preview is out there are lot of changes actually with visually with new design features and more with the project of Treble from 8.0 with latest and new android re-architecture of Android OS framework which is designed especially for users to make it easier and simple with less cost with the vendor implementation from Android OS framework with treble resources.

With all the new features bumped and filled in every one is excited to see the new features and the android p beta devices which are supported for now, we quickly jump on to Android P Beta devices and check them in details what are the supported and list of Android p beta devices and android P new features are very exciting and remarkable and what is android P be called is not yet known.

List of Android P beta Devices:

Yeah now Android P Beta device are supported for only the assortment and collection of popular devices of Google android top device marker partners listed on Android Google Website are here:

Essential Phone

Google Pixel 2

Google Pixel 2

Google Pixel 2 XL

Google Pixel

Google Pixel XL

Nokia 7 Plus

Oppo R15 Pro

Sony Xperia XZ2

Vivo x21UD

Vivo X21

Xiami Mi Mix 2S

All the above compatible devices will get android and get support and start with Android P version.

Android P New Features :

Yeah! What’s new in this new version of android P with the improvement of making development fast and easy and android new features comes up with full of visual performance this time with cool features with the new operating system of Android P OS with the future and open the future.

Android P New Features:

  • Adaptive Battery
  • App Actions
  • Slices
  • New System Navigation
  • Dashboard
  • App Timer
  • Do Not Disturb
  • New Wind Down

With New Android P Beta preview also brings up lot of stuff for android developers to make android apps easier and distribute apps easily and with Jetpack, Slices and also this time bringing Machine Learning Kit [ML KIT]. Machine learning for mobile developers for firebase for any level of learning skills and Machine learning ML kit comes well documented and easy understanding for IOS or Android Developers with cool new features like Productivity ready for common use cases, On-device or in the Cloud, Deploy common models with existing tensor flowlite to develop high quality apps.